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5 Simple Tips for Taking Selfies | Best Selfies

Simple Tips for Taking Selfies: Natural Light, Background, Tripod Instead of Selfie Stick, Make Moves, Angle of Selfie…See more details below.
5 Simple Tips for Taking Selfie

Simple Tips for Taking Selfies: With the upgrade of sophisticated mobile phones in the market, one will always want to take Selfies – a form of photographic expression; but even with the phone pixel high quality, there are still few simple tips you need to know when taking selfies. With shabby front-facing cameras of modern smartphones, 12-megapixel depth-sensing arrays with Night Mode and simulated studio lighting, sucking at selfies can never be a problem anymore. Here are some top tips that might help.

1. Use the Best Natural Light Available to You

Natural light is amazing in that it’s both free and flattering. You can use daylight to your advantage to create a range of effects, even in harsh direct sunlight.

Smartphones have notoriously small camera sensors. Images come at its best with the more light you can feed them, the the more light you feed it, the better the image. Dark selfies, particularly on older devices that lack a Night Mode feature, can look grainy and dirty even in moderately lit scenes.

Many photographers use windows to take flattering, naturally lit portraits. Pick a window that’s not receiving direct sunlight for the best effect, since this ensures that only diffused light illuminates your face. An overcast day produces the best light, since cloud cover acts like a big diffuser. You can see the effect when you look at the soft edges of shadows on a cloudy day.

2. The Background

A selfie is taken to showcase the foreground subject (you) rather than the background. There, a sidetracking background can ruin a good selfie. Generally speaking, you’ll want to keep the background to the tiniest, so as to focus on what’s vital (your face).

There are few ways of achieving this. Many smartphones now feature a “Portrait” mode on the front-facing camera, which uses depth-sensing sensors on the front of the device to blur objects in the background. This effect can work well in turning the background into a blurry mess, as you’d see on a portrait lens with a wide aperture.

3. Use a Tripod Instead of Selfie Stick

Tips for Taking Selfies

Many people love using selfie stick for a shot, it’s not wrong to use it. But it’s also true that images taken with a selfie stick tend to look very similar. Most are shot from the same distance in front of your face, at the same slightly elevated angle, with one or both arms extended to hold the stick steady while you shoot.

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4. Make some Moves Into the Shot

Still images can look boring and staged. Make some movement into the shot to transform it from a sterile portrait into an interesting action photo. This is a great way to lift your selfie game, and it’s a lot easier than you might think.

Hair is a great way to introduce movement, especially medium to long lengths. A simple desk fan or gentle breeze can introduce enough movement to your hair to create some motion blur. [5 Simple Tips for Taking Selfies]

5. Consistency in Taking Selfies

Continues taking of selfies will keep you at the pro level of it. By consistent selfies, you will tend to see that there’s a whole lot of changes. You will learn more tips daily when having a selfie.

Selfies are a valid outlet to practice your photography. By seeing how different variables like angles and light can have an effect on the intended outcome, you’re learning too.

Additional Tip:

Angle of Selfie

Angle of Selfie

Always look up, not down. The angle from which a selfie is shot can massively affect the output. Use different angles for selfies to see which angle gives you the effect of your choice. But with all this, always look up, not down.

A little tilt of your camera can also help exaggerate the effect. Holding the camera above your head is not a must, but it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re facing 90º or greater for the most flattering results. [5 Simple Tips for Taking Selfies]

With the above tips for taking a selfie, trying them will give you one of the best selfies you have ever had.

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