You are currently viewing Benefits of Having a LinkedIn Account | Why you should create LinkedIn Profile

Benefits of Having a LinkedIn Account | Why you should create LinkedIn Profile

Benefits of Having a LinkedIn Account | create a LinkedIn Account | The basic benefits/importance of having a LinkedIn account will be outlined in this article as you read further…See more details below;
Benefits of Having a LinkedIn Account

Why you should create LinkedIn Profile – Why use LinkedIn?

You may be aware that LinkedIn is a social network (owned by Microsoft) that focuses on professional networking and career development. You can think of it as the professional Facebook. Despite its wide reach (740 million members with over 55 million registered companies), many people still have no idea how to use it. Everyone seems to be on LinkedIn, so let’s take advantage of this.

You can use LinkedIn as:

LinkedIn as A Resume

Your LinkedIn profile should be a more complete and more interactive version of your resume. Your profile visitors should be able to get a comprehensive idea about your work history, education and skills when they visit your profile.

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LinkedIn as A Professional Network

You should use LinkedIn to connect with your colleagues, professors and anyone else you might think is worth having in your professional network, people that are likely to help your professional endeavors. You might not be able to connect with everyone you are interested in, but you can follow them to get notified of their news.

LinkedIn as A Space to Search and Apply for Jobs

Companies are increasingly posting jobs on LinkedIn nowadays. You can apply for most of them using your LinkedIn profile directly from the platform. LinkedIn algorithms are very sophisticated. The platform will send you relevant recommendations about jobs you might be interested in.

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LinkedIn as A platform to Stay on Top of Industry Trends

Companies and professionals share content about industry trends. Follow the ones that are relevant to you to keep updated.

LinkedIn as A Blog

LinkedIn is a great space to build your personal brand. You can write and publish your own content on LinkedIn. This would give you an opportunity to get it read by thousands of people. Your published content would be accessible from your profile and would increase your credibility if relevant to your professional experience.

LinkedIn as A Space to Join Relevant Groups and Keep Informed of Events

LinkedIn allows you to join groups based on your interests. You can get to know professionals better by closely connecting with them in groups.

With a professional updated LinkedIn Account, the above listed sect is 100% accessible. You can follow this link to create your personal linkedIn Account;  www.htpps://

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