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7 Best Cybersecurity Tips 2022 | Stay Fully Protected

Best Cybersecurity Tips to Stay Protected in 2022 is well grafted with the necessary tips you need to be protected.

With the emergence of new sophisticated technologies, cybersecurity protocols also for the love of the world and its protection against comes to play. Nevertheless, there are some basic tips you should always put into practice anywhere you are, to stay protected against cyber-attacks. This page will show you some basic general guidelines which will keep you on the safer side this year.

Best Cybersecurity Tips
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1. Create Strong Passwords | Password Manager

Creating a strong / unique passwords is not an optional thin g to do rather it’s a must-do to keep you at a high protected capacity, and this unique password should be used for each separate account, as it will protect you in numerous ways.

Protection against brute force attacks is one major role of a strong password, to mention one of many. These attacks happen when a cybercriminal, or “threat actor,” uses software that generates random and known passwords (acquired from data breaches) in guessing your password .

Password threat actors might be sitting next to you in the office – it isn’t always on the other side of your screen.

This is where the password manager now plays its role. A Password Manager will only need you to remember one password. On entering the master password, the password manager will fetch and input the password in the form you’re filling out (assuming the information is already stored in the password manager). With this, you can use extremely strong and lengthy passwords without worrying about remembering your password isn’t a problem.

2. Use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) | Use Two-Step-Authentication

After the first step of using a password to protection your account, the second layer is two-factor authentication (2FA) also known as The Two-Step-Authentication. This adds an extra extensive security to your accounts.

2FA – Two-Factor Authentication is, an identity verification software at its most basic. Accounts like; Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Nintendo, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and other important accounts of yours is required to use 2FA to avoid loosing it to the threat actors. If anyone tends to enter the correct password to your account (it might be you), Two-Factor Authentication will immediately require you to verify your identity, most often by entering a series of random numbers or letters sent to you via SMS (phone texts) or by an app.

3. Double-Check Links Before You Click

Phishing (use of vices like email or SMS) one of the most common forms of cyber-attack, which the threat actors send links, trying to lure you to click a fake link that will take you to a website that mimics the original version of the being, or even download a virus on your device.

Make sure to double-check any link, before clicking on it – to see if it’s really the true source you want to visit. One of this is the protocol part of it. Take for instance a website like http://facebook.com and https://facebook.com are not the same as one has a secured protocol (https://) and does not (htpp://). The one without a secured protocol might be a phishing website used for cyber-attack.

4. Use a VPN When On Public Wi-Fi

A VPN usage is advised when connecting to a Public Wi-Fi. Although it is a great thing to do, but it’s not wise to connect to a public Wi-Fi network from untrusted source, unless you unconditionally have to. If you still have to connect, make sure you connect to a VPN. Otherwise, your traffic may be exposed to anyone on that network.

Sending sensitive data across the such network without encryption (like HTTPS), that data could be intercepted by the network operator or other people on the network. It’s never advised to send sensitive data over unencrypted HTTP, but it’s especially dangerous to do so on a public Wi-Fi network.

Those sensitive tasks should always be sent through your own private network. If it is something urgent, use your cellular data to keep it on the safe side. If that’s not an option, it’s a good idea to connect to a VPN, even though public Wi-Fi looks harmless than before.

5. App and device updatesUp-to-Date Apps and Devices

Keeping Apps and Devices Up-to-Date are not just for the new features added to it, they also often provide important security patches. No matter the device–phone, laptop, apps, or even your NAS–make sure you always keep them up to date so you don’t get hit with malware or zero-day exploits. These security patches are important, so its best not to get caught without them.

6. Do not Store Sensitive Info on Your Phone | Use a Passcode Lock

Sensitive information stored on your phone can be open to theft depending on if someone gains physical access to your phone, and your personal information is stored on that phone, you’re vulnerable.

Always use a passcode lock to prevent threat actors from getting access to your phone, but it’s advised to never store any information you don’t want to expose to the public on your phone. This includes passwords, personal information, and sensitive photos.

7. Make Use of Privacy-Focused Apps

The use of privacy-focused apps does not only prevent you from being a victim of cybercrime, but it also allows you to protect your personal information from being captured, such as your contacts, browsing history, ad interactions, and more.

There’s a large number of privacy-centered software for you to replace the mainstream programs that you’re used to. Suggested apps like:

  • Browser: Firefox or Brave
  • Email service provider: ProtonMail
  • Search Engine: DuckDuckGo or Startpage
  • Messaging app: Signal

Don’t Jailbreak Your iPhone

Hackers do use a little security shift in the iPhone’s iOS operating system, and then take advantage of those security holes to take control over iOS. This is known as jailbreaking. The hacker then brings this jailbreaking tool to the public for download, which you may be tempted to do.

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The above tips is just few of the many tips one can use to protect itself against cyber-attack and others. Always follow the few listed guidelines to make sure you are fully protected from these threat actors, because the only person who can keep you protected is you. Be watchful of things you do online, double-check links, create strong passwords with unique characters and even be careful of your environs.

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