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Cigna Healthcare Insurance | Review | Plans & How to Enroll

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Based on the measures in our research, Cigna is only mediocre overall. Consumer complaints about Cigna’s health insurance have been reported to state authorities at a higher rate than the national average. Additionally, it performs poorly in terms of quality compared to other significant health insurance providers:

Based on ratings from the National Committee for Quality Assurance, it receives an average of only 3.3 out of 5.

About Cigna

On the ACA marketplace, Cigna offers health insurance to millions of individuals and families in 13 states. It has contracts with more than 67,000 pharmacies and more than 1.5 million relationships with healthcare providers, clinics, and facilities.

Cigna Healthcare Insurance

On the market for health insurance, Cigna offers health maintenance organization and exclusive provider organization plans.

Additionally, it provides Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage in every state as well as Medicare Advantage plans in 16 states and the District of Columbia.

Types of Insurance Offered by Cigna

Cigna offers the following types of health insurance:

  • Health insurance
  • Medicare
  • Supplemental insurance
  • Dental insurance

Available Cigna Health Plans

On the market for health insurance, Cigna provides two different types of plans:

HMO: You must normally seek medical attention from specialists who are part of the health maintenance organization (HMO) plan’s provider network. Your care won’t be covered if you go outside the network. To consult a specialist, you often need a recommendation as well.

EPO: Care received within the network of an exclusive provider organization (EPO) plan is covered. You can see a specialist without a referral, unlike with an HMO.

Cigna Healthcare Insurance Benefits

Cigna plans may offer special benefits, including:

  • Ability to talk to a board-certified doctor 24 hours a day via smartphone, computer or tablet
  • $3 or less for generic prescription drugs
  • $0 virtual care (telehealth) and preventive care visits
  • Customized digital alerts for health coaching, specialized care and cost savings
  • Take Control Rewards program, which rewards members for preventive exams and flu shots.

Best Cigna Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance plans are given ratings by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) based on the standard of care, member satisfaction, and efforts to improve.

According to a Forbes research, Cigna had an overall NCQA rating of 3.3 out of 5. Cigna has five health insurance plans with four stars, however none of them are five-star plans.

Why choose Cigna?

Affordability: Cigna’s plans and services make it simple for you to get cheap, high-quality healthcare with $0 virtual care (telehealth), $0 preventative care visits, $3 or less for generic prescription medicines, and access to Cigna’s Patient Assurance Program.

24/7 Online Care: Members get 24/7 access to MDLIVE’s primary care physician, virtual dermatology, and virtual behavioral health networks, as well as to virtual urgent-acute care that costs nothing and virtual wellness exams that cost nothing.

Guided Customer Care: To treat particular disorders like diabetes, seek out the assistance of individualized health coaches. In a time of need, My Personal Champion® can help you navigate the healthcare system. Alternatively, consult a specialty pharmacist at one of our Therapeutic Resource Centers.

Personalized Digital Tools: You may order and refill medicines, pay claims, and more with the help of the myCigna® website and mobile app5. Additionally, you receive data-driven, personalized alerts for cost reductions, specialized care, and health coaching.

Rewards and Discounts: Through our Cigna Take Control Rewards® program, customers over the age of 18 can accumulate up to $325 in points that can be redeemed for a debit card or items. Cigna’s Healthy Rewards® discount program offers extra benefits.

24/7/365 Customer Service: Do you have a concern about your plan? Do you require assistance locating a doctor who is part of your insurance plan? You can contact Cigna at any time for assistance using your plan or understanding your benefits. Additionally, a qualified clinician is available around-the-clock if you have a health question.

Open Enrollment for 2023 Health Insurance Plans

You have access to the knowledge and care you require, when you need it, thanks to Cigna’s high-quality plan options, individualized health care support, and affordable prices.

Are you wanting to purchase health insurance but unsure of where to begin?

Numerous factors must be considered while selecting a health care plan. While there are many factors to consider when choosing a health plan, these five fast checkpoints are a good place to start.

See Also:

What to ConsiderWhat it MeansHow to Decide
DeductibleThe amount you pay before your health plan covers costs for medical services.A smaller deductible, which is the sum you must pay out-of-pocket before your health plan begins to pay benefits, may be preferable if you anticipate needing surgery or incurring several medical bills.
NetworkCigna has made discounted rates with medical facilities including hospitals, doctors, and labs.Determine if your doctor is in the plan’s network.
ProvidersYour doctors—both primary care and specialists.You may want to choose a plan where your provider is in-network to avoid extra costs.
PrescriptionsAny medications you take that have been prescribed by your doctor.The copays or coinsurance for approved medicines may vary between plans. To learn how your prescriptions are covered, see the plan.
Value-Added BenefitsAnything extra your health plan offers you, such discounts or access to mobile apps.Even if you might not select a plan for the extra features, it’s helpful to know whether it offers discount programs or round-the-clock customer care.

Cigna Insurance enrollment | Buying Health Insurance

Persons can enroll here to have full access to Cigna Insurance and plans to choose from.

Best Cigna health insurance plans for NCQA ratings

LocationPlansPlan typeMembers enrolled
ConnecticutCigna EPO, Cigna AOP, Cigna PPOPPO/EPO combined277,765
ColoradoCigna EPO, Cigna OAP, LocalPlus, SureFit™, Cigna PPOPPO/EPO combined466,589
MaineCigna EPO, Cigna OAP, Cigna PPO, Network OAP, Network POS, Network POS OAP, NetworkHMO/POS/PPO/EPO combined67,931
MassachusettsCigna EPO, Cigna OAP, Cigna PPO, Network OAP, Network POS, Network POS OAP, Network, Cigna HMOHMO/POS/PPO/EPO combined218,244
New HampshireCigna EPO, Cigna OAP, Cigna PPO, Network, Network POS, Network POS OAP, Network OAP, Network OAP, NetworkHMO/POS/PPO/EPO combined117,690

How Much Does Cigna Health Insurance Cost?

A 30-year-old enrolling in a Cigna health plan through the ACA marketplace will pay an average monthly premium of $443, a 40-year-old $497, and a 50-year-old $696.

How Cigna Health Insurance Costs Compare to Competitors

For ACA insurance, Cigna often charges a little bit more per month than several rivals examined by Forbes Advisor. Here is a comparison of Cigna’s typical monthly premiums with those of other businesses.

Health insurance plan memberUnitedHealthcareAetnaCignaKaiser Permanente
Child age 0-14$267$284$291$249
Child age 18$314$338$339$289
Adult Individual age 21$355$371$385$335
Adult Individual age 27$372$389$412$351
Adult Individual age 30$403$421$443$381
Adult Individual age 40$454$474$497$482
Adult Individual age 50$634$662$696$599
Adult Individual age 60$963$1,006$1,052$910
Couple age 21$710$741$770$671
Couple age 30$806$842$886$761
Couple age 40$907$948$994$857
Couple age 50$1,268$1,324$1,392$1,198
Couple age 60$1,926$2,012$2,104$1,820
Couple+1 child, age 21$977$1,025$1,061$919
Couple+1 child, age 30$1,072$1,125$1,177$1,010
Couple+1 child, age 40$1,174$1,231$1,284$1,106
Couple+1 child, age 50$1,534$1,608$1,682$1,446
Couple+2 children, Age 21$1,243$1,309$1,351$1,168
Couple+2 children, Age 30$1,339$1,409$1,467$1,258
Couple+2 children, Age 40$1,441  $1,515$1,575$1,354
Couple+2 children, Age 50$1,801$1,891$1,973$1,695
Couple+3 or more Children, Age 21$1,510$1,592$1,642$1,417
Couple+3 or more Children, Age 30$1,606$1,692$1,758$1,507
Couple+3 or more Children, Age 40$1,707$1,798$1,866$1,603
Couple+3 or more Children, Age 50$2,068$2,175$2,264$1,944
Individual+1 child, Age 21$622$654$676$584
Individual+1 child, Age 30$670$704$734$629
Individual+1 child, Age 40$720$757$788$677
Individual+1 child, Age 50$901$946$986$847
Individual+2 children, Age 21$888$938$966$833
Individual+2 children, Age 30$936$988$1,024$878
Individual+2 children, Age 40$987$1,041$1,078$926
Individual+2 children, Age 50$1,167$1,229$1,277$1,096
Individual+3 or more children, Age 21$1,155$1,222$1,257$1,081
Individual+3 or more children, Age 30$1,203$1,272$1,315$1,127
Individual+3 or more children, Age 40$1,254$1,325$1,369$1,174
Individual+3 or more children, Age 50$1,434$1,513$1,568$1,345
Source: Based on unsubsidized ACA plans. Figures are based on the average of multiple ACA plans offered by each insurance company.

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