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Dartmouth Acceptance Rate 2022/2023 | Admission Requirements

Dartmouth Acceptance rate 2022/2023 | This article aims to give detail information on the Dartmouth Acceptance rate 2021, – class of 2025 admission and incoming class, test score and grades. Read on to see more details.

Dartmouth Acceptance Rate

If your admission choice of institution is Dartmouth College, then it will be a smart idea to know the Dartmouth College admission rate and admission requirements needed before applying to the college.

Let us start with Dartmouth College Class profile showing detailed information on what qualifies students to get in and what Test score (SAT or ACT), GPA, grades needed to be accepted in the college.

Freshman undergraduate applicants, transfer students, and international students applying for admission into various programs offered in Dartmouth College for the class of 2025 require this information importantly.

Dartmouth Admission Rate, Statistics, and Class Profile

Below is the most recent Dartmouth College class profile, admission rate/statistics for admitted students, and the admission requirements needed for admission.

Application DataStatistics
Total Number of Applications received21,392
Number of Students accepted1,973
width=”319″>Class Acceptance Rate9.2%
Enrollment for Early Decision43%
Enrollment Data
Total Number of Students enrolled1,058
Number of Male Student Enrolled534
Number of Female students enrolled518
High School Data
Students from Public High Schools59%
Independent High Schools29%
Students From Religious High Schools12%
Demographic Data of Admitted Students
US Citizen/Permanent Resident90%
Students of Color45%
Caucasian Students62%
Asian American Students23%
First-Generation Students15%
Foreign Students10%
Multi-Racial (Students from one or two Races)8%
Native Americans4%
Not indicated2%

Dartmouth Test Score Requirements (ACT/SAT Score)

The summation of the average Test Score (ACT Score/SAT Score) range from the Dartmouth College admission statistics that is needed to get into Dartmouth College is found in the table below;

Universities/Colleges take different test score ranges. Some require submission of either ACT or SAT by students. This will give them advantage on their admission application.

SAT Score RequirementsScore Range
SAT EBRW710 – 770
SAT Math730 – 790
Average SAT1500
ACT Score requirements
Average Score Range32 – 35

Note: Dartmouth College Admission for 2021 (Class of 2025) is test-optional.

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Dartmouth GPA Requirements

The Average GPA needed to get into Dartmouth College is 4.11. with this GPA average or greater than this, your admission is a sure guarantee as this is one of the major admission requirements looked-for to get into Dartmouth College.

A GPA lower than the average will only be considered with a very high SAT/ACT score.

Dartmouth College Acceptance Rate for 2021

Candidates that have applied for admission at Dartmouth College and those that are willing to apply should note that the average Dartmouth College acceptance rate is kept at 9%.

The acceptance rate changes usually involve a plus or minus (+/) 1% or lesser from year to year.

This low acceptance rate of Dartmouth admission is aimed at evaluating the quality and diversity of each incoming class to meet its academic standard.

Now that you have knowledge about the Dartmouth Acceptance rate, I think its time to know about other admission requirement.

Dartmouth Requirements for Admission

Therefore, What are Dartmouth admission requirements?

The underlisted requirements is what will be desired when applying for admission at Dartmouth College.

NB: Having the following materials doesn’t guarantee a 100% chance of getting;

  • GPA
  • SAT or ACT Test Score (optional)
  • Personal statements.
  • Coursework difficulty
  • Extracurriculars
  • Letters of recommendation

Dartmouth Application Dates and Deadlines

Early Decision deadlineNovember
The Regular Decision deadlineJanuary
Application fee:$80, or a fee waiver

The list of accurate and recently released deadlines for 2021 are shown below;

Dartmouth Entry Modes

Undergraduate Admission Entry Mode

First-year students (Freshmen from the U.S and other countries), Transfer students (the U.S and international) undergraduate’s admission applications from are accepted by Dartmouth.

All mode of entry (entry-level) has its own application method, admission requirements, application fee, and application portal as indicated on the Dartmouth undergraduate admission portal.

Undergraduate Entry ModeAvailability
Freshman AdmissionAvailable
Transfer admissionAvailable
International AdmissionAvailable

Looking at the above details on Dartmouth College, it will be a good idea for one who plans to apply for admission in the college to access the acceptance rate 2021, Class profile, ACT/SAT Test score, GPA, grades and general admission requirements to get admitted easily.

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