EU-ECOWAS Scholarship Program Application Update

EU-ECOWAS Scholarship Program Application Update | Applications for the EU-ECOWAS Scholarship Program are now being accepted from eligible students. It is an all-inclusive scholarship provided by the Australian university of Queensland.
EU-ECOWAS Scholarship Program Application Update

About EU-ECOWAS Scholarship

The EU-ECOWAS Scholarship program offers scholarships for master’s degrees in the sustainable energy sector at specialized universities in West Africa (Cape Verde, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, and Togo) to the benefit of qualified students from ECOWAS member states active in the energy sector.

The program enables university graduates, with a focus on young professionals (speaking English, French, and Portuguese) in the member states of ECOWAS, to develop the profile necessary to meet the rising demand for experts. It seeks to increase access to high-quality training in the sustainable energy sector in West Africa.

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The Purpose and Advantages of the EU-ECOWAS Scholarship Program – Aim and Benefits of EU-ECOWAS Scholarship Program

There are two different sorts of scholarships offered under the program:

Mobile Scholarships | Scholarships for travel

Scholars are selected to complete their master’s degree programs at institutions outside of their home nation.

Education, living expenses, travel, a research grant, insurance, and visa fees will all be covered by the scholarship.

Stationary Scholarships | Permanent Scholarships

Scholars are chosen to complete their master’s degrees in colleges and universities in their home countries.

The scholarship will pay for both the scholars’ tuition and research expenses.

A small stipend will also be provided to assist with living and travel costs.

Only a restricted number of the most worthy applicants will get scholarships due to financial restrictions.

Following careful consideration of a variety of factors, including language, geography, family, and internship prospects, candidates are advised to select their top scholarship category.

Criteria / Requirement for the EU-ECOWAS Scholarship Program

Candidates who are willing to complete a master’s degree at one of the universities that have been shortlisted in the energy business are asked to remark on the EU-ECOWAS Scholarship application form.

The information gathered from the application form will be compared to the following elements throughout the analysis phase of the scholarship selection process:

  1. Have citizenship from an ECOWAS member state or Mauritania and reside in an ECOWAS member state or Mauritania.
  2. Possess a First Class or Second Class Bachelor’s degree at the very least (Upper Division).
  3. Have pursued studies in at least one of the following areas, as determined by the admissions requirements of the chosen university: law, economics, finance, planning, mechanical engineering, energy and environment (including renewable energy and energy efficiency), electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.
  4. Work experience in West Africa’s energy sector will be an advantage?
  5. Have (at least) provisional admission into a program of study that has been approved at the time the scholarship is approved.
  6. Both working and unemployed candidates are eligible for the scholarship.
  7. For the length of the program, working candidates must provide a letter from their employer granting them permission to finish the course.
  8. A promise to publish at least one practice-focused study before the program’s conclusion.
  9. A commitment to begin internships during the study period.
EU-ECOWAS Scholarship Application Deadline

September 23, 2022.

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