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Fifth Third Bank Sign Up and Login Portal: This article will give you details About Fifth Third Bank, Fifth Third Bank Checking Accounts, Fifth Third Bank Savings Account, Fifth Third Bank CD Rates and How to Login/ Enroll for Fifth Third Bank…See more details below.

About Fifth Third Bancorp

Fifth Third Bank Sign Up and Login Portal

Fifth Third Bancorp is the company that indirectly parents’ Fifth Third Bank. It was founded in 1st June 1908 in Ohio, United States. Fifth Third bank has about 1,100 branches Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia.

Fifth Third Bank offers satisfaction to its consumers; based on regional financial institution that offers the basic features you would expect to find at a brick-and-mortar kind of bank.

Fifth Third Bank is Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, with an Assets worth of $203.98 billion.

Fifth Third Bank is ranked 5th as one of the Largest banks in the United States.

Fifth Third Bank Overall

Fifth Third Bank is a regional financial institution with customers in 11 states and more than 1,100 full-service locations.

  • The bank offers access to more than 50,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide.
  • There are low minimum deposit requirements for CDs.
  • The bank supports a mobile app that includes card features that help you avoid the trouble of calling a 1-800 number.

Fifth Third Bank Savings Account

Fifth Third Bank gives out several savings accounts, adding one for minors and a health savings account.

The Fifth Third Goal Setter Savings account makes it easy to track your progress toward meeting a certain goal. The savings account pays a very low rate but you only need to deposit $0.01 to open it. You will, however, need to deposit $500 to avoid paying a $5 monthly fee.

  • The deposit to open an account is extremely low.
  • Savers will get the ability to set a personal savings goal and track their progress.

Fifth Third Bank CD Rates

Fifth Third Bank offers several types of CDs. In addition to the standard certificates of deposit, there are promotional CDs with rates that differ depending on your location. Savers also have the option of opening a 529 CD if they’re setting aside money for a child’s college education.

The rate on a 12-month CD is very low; however, you only need to deposit $500 to open it.

  • The minimum deposit for standard CDs is low.
  • The bank offers a variety of CD terms.

Fifth Third Bank Checking Accounts

The bank offers several checking accounts, including a free checking account that also doesn’t have a minimum balance requirement.

Regardless of which account you choose, you will have generous access to free ATMs  — Fifth Third provides you with more than 50,000 fee-free ATMs. These checking accounts also connect to a well-reviewed mobile banking app that comes with a variety of features, like getting instant alerts about account activity, mobile deposit capture and the ability to update your account information.

  • Access to more than 50,000 fee-free ATMs.
  • The accounts connect to a well-reviewed mobile banking app.

Fifth Third Bank Money Market Accounts

The Fifth Third Relationship Money Market Savings Account offers a tiered APY based on the balance but even the top yield is low compared to online banks. You’ll want to keep at least $500 in the account or have a Fifth Third checking account or you will have to pay $5 per month.

The Fifth Third Relationship Money Market Savings account has check-writing privileges, a feature that’s not always offered on money market accounts. But you need to purchase the checks.

  • The Fifth Third Relationship Money Market Savings Account has check-writing privileges.

Fifth Third Bank Experience

Fifth Third Bank provides access to tens of thousands of ATMs, a well-regarded mobile app and a brand that has been making moves in fintech.

As a Fifth Third Bank customer, your payment card will work with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay Google Pay and other mobile wallets. You can also use Zelle to pay back people you know.

You will also have access to more than 1,200 branches to do in-person banking, should you wish. You can’t, however, reach a bank representative for customer service over the phone on Sundays.

Fifth Third Bank also offers a couple of standalone mobile apps to help inspire people to save money for their shorter-term goals and to pay off college debt.

How to Enroll in Fifth Third Bank Online

When you visit the enrollment portal, you will see questions like:
Do you have:

  • a Fifth Third Checking
  • Express Checking
  • Saving
  • Debit Car
  • Access 360°
  • Credit Card or Home Equity Line of Credit?
    Then you select a Yes or No option to continue.

If you select Yes, you can then continue to the next step with the required details.

You will need to use one of the following as your User ID:

  • Fifth Third debit number
  • ATM card number
  • Credit Card number

You will need to enter one of the following for your initial Password:

  • Temporary PIN


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