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FRSC Recruitment 2022/2023 | Application Form Portal

FRSC Recruitment, FRSC Recruitment Vacant Positions, Federal Road Safety Recruitment Application Form Portal, How to Apply for FRSC Job…See more details below;
FRSC Recruitment

Federal Road Safety Recruitment Form: The application for the federal road safety recruitment for 2022–2023 is now available. A qualified applicant who is interested in the position should apply. Over the years, Federal Road Safety (FRSC) has held annual recruitment intakes. You will receive instructions on how to apply for federal road safety jobs, including with prerequisites.

Federal Road Safety Recruitment

The government organization charged by law with overseeing road safety management in Nigeria is the Federal Road Safety Corps. The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), which was established in 1988, is the foremost organization in Nigeria for the administration and management of road safety. It operates in all states and the Federal Capital Territory. View More.


Ensuring the safety of drivers and other road users on the roadway.

Advising the Federal and State Governments, including the Federal Capital Territory Administration and relevant governmental bodies, on the localities where such works and devices are required, and recommending works and devices aimed to eliminate or limit accidents on highways.

Educating drivers and the general public on the value of road discipline.

The Commission is specifically tasked with the following duties:

  • Decreasing or preventing highway accidents;
  • Removing impediments from all roadway areas;
  • Educating drivers, motorists, and the general public on how to use the highways safely;
  • Creating the driver’s license that different groups of vehicle operators will utilize;
  • Establishing the criteria that a driver’s license applicant must meet from time to time;
  • Creating and manufacturing license plates for vehicles
  • The uniformity of highway traffic laws;
  • Delivering immediate assistance and treatment to accident victims
  • Conducting studies into the causes of auto accidents, the best ways to prevent them, and using the findings of these studies;
  • Establishing and enforcing speed restrictions for all types of roads and vehicles and controlling the use of speed limiting devices;
  • Cooperating with organizations, agencies, or groups to promote highway safety or avoid accidents; establishing regulations to carry out any of the duties entrusted to the Corps by or pursuant to this Act.
  • Regulating the use of sirens, flashers, and beacon lights on vehicles other than ambulances, police, fire, and other paramilitary vehicles, as well as vehicles owned by the military;
  • Provide free care at roadside and mobile clinics for accident victims;
  • Regulating the use of seat belts and other safety equipment by drivers, the use of mobile phones by drivers, and the use of motorcyclists on public roads;
  • Maintaining the three-year driver’s license validity span, which is subject to renewal at the end of the validity period;


  • Members of the Commission shall have the authority to detain and prosecute anyone who are plausibly suspected of having committed any traffic offense while doing their duties.

Federal Road Safety Commission Branches in Nigeria

There are 12 FRSC zonal headquarters located around the nation, according to the commission’s official website at

In the first year of operation, there were five zonal headquarters. Due to the agency’s requirement for a large workforce, the number rose to 12 in 2004.

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Federal Road Safety Recruitment General Requirements

Applicants must be:

  • Nigerian by birth
  • Not be less than 18 years or more than 30 years old in 2018 (35 years will be considered for medical Doctors)
  • Be single
  • Not less than 1.68 metres for male and 1.63 metres for female in height
  • Have a fully expanded chest measurement of not less than 0.87 metres for men only
  • Be physically and mentally fit for paramilitary activities
  • Produce a certificate of medical fitness from a government hospital
  • Be free from any form of financial embarrassment, be of good character, and must not have been convicted of any criminal offenses

Applicants Must Note that:

  • Computer literacy and possession of a valid drivers license shall be an added advantage
  • Any certificate or qualification not declared or tendered at the time of the recruitment process cannot be subsequently presented for career progression in the corp
  • Anyone found to have submitted false document would be disqualified and prosecuted
  • Double entries would be disqualified
  • Shortlisted applicant would be required to take a computer-based examination to be conducted by JAMB
  • Shortlisted applicant would be required to undergo drug test with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)
  • Shortlisted candidates are expected to come along with a print out of their forms as well as the acknowledge

    This Exercise attracts no Fee.

How to Apply for FRSC Recruitment

  1. Online applications are required.
  2. The applicant must access the website
  3. Apply online by completing and submitting the form at
  4. It is encouraged that candidates print out the referee forms, which must be properly filled out and submitted during screening.
  5. Candidates are AWARE that submission of multiple applications will result in instant disqualification.

Candidates should be aware that there is no application fee.

CLOSING DATE: Within six weeks of the date of this publication, all applications must be finished and submitted.

FRSC Salary Structure

Depending on rank or position, Federal Road Safety Commission members earn a monthly or annual remuneration. This is the reason we’ve chosen to publish the commission posts or grades that are open along with their respective salaries.

Check out the list below:

S/NRankBasic Annual Salaries
1Chief Inspector (CI)₦1405449
2Deputy Chief Inspector (DCI)₦1325234
3Assistant Chief Inspector (ACI)₦1252038
4Principal Marshal Inspector (PMI)₦1143539
5Senior Marshal Inspector (SMI)₦1,058,416
6Marshal Inspector I (MI-I)₦777,876
7Marshal Inspector II (MI-II)₦548,387
8Marshal Inspector III (MI-III)₦393,442
9Chief Road Marshal Assistant (CRMA)₦966,761
10Deputy Road Marshal Assistant (DRMA)₦539,048
11Senior Road Marshal Assistant (SRMA)₦387,428
12Road Marshal Assistant I (RMA I)₦349,589
13Road Marshal Assistant II (RMA II)₦319,741
14Road Marshal Assistant III (RMA III)₦305,576

FRSC Qualification and Rank Structure (Entry Level)

QualificationGrade LevelBasic Salary Range per annumPossible Rank
SSCE03298506 ­­- 330231RMA-III
OND05329853 – 374259MI-III
HND07483014 – 567065MI
BSC08888956 – 988991ARC

It’s crucial that you are aware that a Federal Road Safety Corp employee who joins the organization with a secondary certificate makes a minimum of N40,000 each month. You are entitled to a monthly salary of N100,000 as a graduate of any higher education school, with some incentives serving as extra benefits. High-ranking officials are paid a monthly salary starting at N250,000.

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