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Hard Drive Recovery Services | How to Fix Failed Hard Drive

Hard Drive Recovery Services:  Hard drives data can be recovered in any data loss situation, both physical and logical hard drive data loss issues can be recovered.
Hard Drive Recovery Services

Data can be recovered from any type of hard drive with confidence to recover files from any type of failed hard drive and get your data back.

Why Do Hard Drives Fail?

Any hard drive can fail at any time, but this depends on some things. Normal stress that accompanies a day-to-day operation can cause hard drive failure. Hard drive mechanical components operate at fast speeds with incredible precision, and over time, this can wear out motors and other physical components.

Electronic damage, physical shocks or for other environmental reasons can also result to failure of a hard drive.

Since every drive can fail unpredictably due to certain reasons, it is important to regularly carry out a data backup to protect your data.

Hard Drive Failure Prevention

Hard drives function with incredible pace, and this should give us the knowledge that their components can eventually wear down and break. In fact, modern manufacturing methods have extended the average hard drive lifespan to an impressive 4-6 years, and many hard drives operate for much longer without issue.

Hard Drive Basic Guides

Every computer device needs memory, and most modern desktops and laptops rely on hard disk drive (HDD) technology to store files. In fact, if you are a regular computer user, there is a good chance that you have operated hundreds of hard drives over the past few decades, and while other technologies are gaining popularity, hard drives are by far the most commonly used option for both personal and commercial data storage.

 What to Do When a Hard Drive Fails

below are list of things you can do when experiencing a hard drive failure:

Turn off the drive if it physically malfunctions

This will prevent the read/write heads, platters, spindle and other components from sustaining serious damage. Know the signs of physical hard drive damage and take immediate action -disconnect the power if you hear unusual noises such as clicking or whirring sounds. Missing files, garbled file names and excessively slow operation can also indicate physical damage.

Unplug the computer directly from the wall

If you mistakenly deleted your files, accidental formatting or another logical error, unplug the computer directly from the wall. Do not worry about following proper shutdown procedures.

Shutdown processes are helpful on a healthy computer, but can overwrite data in some circumstances, and the safest course of action is to immediately disconnect the computer’s power source to prevent it from accessing its hard drive.

Check for other issues that could be preventing normal access

There are varieties of other hardware and software issues. If you recently installed software or computer peripherals (including sound cards, graphics cards and USB-powered accessories), try reversing your last few steps and see if the computer becomes accessible again.

Follow Proper Procedures

Following the proper grounding procedures is another best way to go through it, if you remove the hard drive from the computer. You may decide to remove your hard drive if you intend to pursue data recovery or if you simply want to replace it with a functional HDD.

To prevent static damage from harming printed circuit boards inside your computer, be sure to ground yourself properly before touching any components. Shut the computer completely off and unplug its power source before attempting to remove the drive. Remember that computer power supplies have capacitors, and they can still hold an electrical charge (even when unplugged).

Set Up a Data Backup

Replacement of your hard drive should be done, if it does not contain important files, and take steps to prevent failures from affecting your files in the future.

Keep a regular backup of all important files on your computer to prevent hard drive failures from causing data loss. The best backup strategies are consistent, automatic and redundant, with at least one off-site backup to protect against fires and environmental disasters.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hard Drive Recovery

Below are the frequently asked questions and answers about hard drive data recovery services process.

What Causes hard drives failure, and how can I prevent this from happening?

Hard drives have numerous mechanical components that can wear down over time. The read/write heads, spindle and actuator assembly are particularly sensitive, and a slight offset will stop the drive from reading data correctly. Likewise, the hard drive’s electronics can fail due to an electrical event or improper operating conditions. This prevents the drive from interfacing with your computer.

User error, virus attacks and file corruption can also cause data loss. When any of these situations occur, you need help from a professional data recovery company in order to restore access to the files on your disk.

Is laptop hard drive data recovery different from desktop data recovery?

Both laptop hard drive data and desktop data recovery have the same general process. But different set of tools can be used to perform delicate procedures on smaller hard drives. Physical media damage is treated by repairing damaged components and doing this will help access your data and treat any file corruption.

Note: The physical size of a hard drive does not affect the odds of a successful recovery.

Can I make use of hard drive data recovery software?

There are dozens of data recovery programs on the market, but there is no way to fix physical media issues with software. Using this software may result to damaging your hard drive.

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