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Harvey Mudd Transfer Acceptance Rate 2022

Harvey Mudd Transfer Acceptance Rate | Harvey Mudd College, innovated in 1955 by alumnus H.L. Harvey and his woman, Mary Susan Harvey, and grounded in Claremont, California, is a small wisdom and engineering council with a total registration of roughly undergraduate scholars and 100 graduate scholars. The Harvey Mudd transfer acceptance rate is generally 10-20 per cent advanced than that of UC seminaries because it doesn’t have a General Studies program. The transfer pupil classes are frequently at or near capacity.

Still, or if you have formerly been accepted but seek admission to another institution for a variety of reasons – similar as your dissatisfaction with current academy immolations or the desire to pursue a particular degree program in which the transfer institution offers a better fit also pursuing transfer admission from one of the nation’s most picky wisdom sodalities could be an excellent option for you, If you aspire to attend Harvey Mudd College.

For further information about transferring to Harvey Mudd College, please visit the transfer website and fill out our contact form.

Harvey Mudd Transfer Acceptance Rate

Harvey Mudd Transfer Acceptance Rate

In 2019, Harvey Mudd entered about 74 transfer application and accepted only five scholars. Thus, the transfer acceptance rate is estimated to be 6.76%. This estimation shows how hard it’s to get into Harvey Mudd as a transfer pupil. Thus, only six would be accepted in every 100 scholars that apply.

Harvey Mudd’s transfer acceptance rate is extremely low compared to other sodalities, and you need to be a genius to succeed in this competitive transfer operation process.

Harvey Mudd Transfer Requirement

Still, consider the ensuing conditions and see if they apply to you, If you decide to transfer to Harvey Mudd. It would help you choose whether to continue with the operation process or sit back to work on other effects.

You must have completed numerous courses compatible with courses in the University’s core class, notwithstanding your former academic experience.

You must be willing to complete at least two times as a full- time pupil at Harvey Mudd. This is a mandatory demand.

You’re interested in being part of a domestic lot community. Although this isn’t a mandatory demand, numerous scholars live on lot for four times.

You have a great desire to take advantage of the Harvey Mudd and Claremont Colleges communities beyond the academic immolations.

Still, also you ’d need the following operation accoutrements

If the below conditions apply to you.

Harvey Mudd Application Method

The university uses two application methods;

  • Common Application or
  • Coalition Application

Harvey Mudd doesn’t have a preference between both types of Application. Still, you ’d be needed to submit a particular essay for either application.

Harvey Mudd Application fee or Waiver

The application fee which is 70$, is mandatory and non-refundable. Thus, if your application isn’t successful, you’d not be entitled to a refund of the operation figure. Quit claims are also available for those with fiscal requirements. Request a figure disclaimer through the common operation or Coalition operation to be entitled to this figure disclaimer. Harvey Mudd honours figure quitclaims from the ACT, College Board, and NACAC.

Additional Essays Required

You would be needed to complete an additional/fresh essay and some short answer responses. These fresh jotting questions are

What told you to apply to Harvey Mudd College? What about the HMC class and community prayers to you? (500 words or lower)

Numerous scholars prefer to choose Harvey Mudd College. Reasons being that they don’t want to give up their interests in the Humanities, Trades or Social Science. Compactly describe what you ’d like to learn about in your dream HMC class. (100 words or lower)

Some other Application Documents include

  • A council report-should be completed by an counsel, doyen of pupil affairs, or a register.
  • Official council reiterations from all preliminarily attended sodalities or universities
  • Official Final High academy paraphrase from all high seminaries attended
  • Two recommendations to be made by council preceptors

You should note that all scholars are eligible to transfer handed they’ve completed at least one time of academic work in good standing. However, you’d not be eligible to apply as Harvey Mudd doesn’t have a alternate- degree program, If you ’ve completed a bachelorette’s degree from another university.

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Harvey Mudd Transfer Application Deadline

  • Harvey Mudd accepts transfer application in the fall. The operation/application deadline for Harvey Mudd is March 15.

Important Information on Harvey Mudd Transfer Admission

The transfer Application to Harvey Mudd is relatively different from other sodalities. Some of the effects that set the Harvey Mudd transfer operation process piecemeal include;

  • Over the times, Harvey Mudd has not been suitable to admit numerous transfer aspirants. Only 3-6 aspirants are enrolled out of an operation pool of 80-110 campaigners.
  • Unlike other universities that enroll for transfer in the spring and fall semesters, Harvey Mudd only enrolls transfer scholars for the fall semester.
  • 400 ″> Transnational transfer scholars seeking fiscal aid aren’t eligible to apply to Harvey Mudd.
  • Harvey Mudd doesn’t have a visiting program. All transfer scholars would enrol as full- time scholars.
  • Harvey Mudd doesn’t accept aspirants who have completed a bachelorette’s degree and want a alternate degree. Harvey Mudd doesn’t have a alternate- degree program.
  • Harvey Mudd only offers need- grounded fiscal aid to transfer scholars. Merit- grounded literacy are targeted at undergraduate scholars.

Harvey Mudd University

Harvey Mudd is the right training ground, If you ’re looking to launch a satisfying career in STEM. The University is reputed for its Science, Technology, calculation, and Engineering offers that are alternate to none.

Although staying on lot isn’t a demand, utmost scholars spend four times living on lot. It explains how great the Lot Living experience is.

Utmost people who got accepted to Harvey Mudd’s stylish experience is the immediate benevolence of the seniors and the speakers. The smallness of the lot promotes a kind of bond between the scholars.

Harvey Mudd provides numerous coffers and academic backing to insure scholars have the stylish academic experience.

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How much is the tuition fee in Harvey Mudd?

The table below shows the average cost, tuition fee for the 2021/2022 academic year at Harvey Mudd;

Room (dorm)$10,592
Board (16 meals/week plan)$8,741
Student Body Fee$301
Personal Expenses$1,400
Books & Supplies$800
Average COA$82,236

Incoming and transfer students would be charged an additional $250 orientation fee.

In relation to the national average cost of tuition of $43,337, Harvey Mudd College is quite an expensive college to attend.

Does Harvey Mudd Require SAT?

The answer is No. due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Harvey Mudd does not need SAT, as this lead to students’ inability to access the standardized test. This makes SAT optional for Harvey Mudd class of 2021 and 2022.

What are the minimum scores for the TOEFL and IELTS exams?

The Harvey Mudd College minimum scores for TOEFL and IELTS varies. Check the table below to see the accepted TOEFL and IELTS scores on its scales.

Duolingo English Test (DET)120 on the new 160-point scale
TOEFL100 on the iBT
IELTS Academic7.5

Note: a score somewhat lower than the above-listed score does not inevitably disqualify an applicant.

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