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How to Cancel Your Twitter Account | How to Delete Twitter Account

How to Delete Twitter Account | Want to leave Twitter behind? You can permanently cancel your account, erasing all your tweets, followers, pets, and other data. It’ll evaporate from Twitter nearly incontinently, and will be completely wiped from Twitter’s waiters in 30 days.

How to Cancel Twitter Account

How to Delete Twitter Account

How Deactivation and Delete Works

To delete your account, you have to “ kill” it first. When you kill your account, Twitter will remove your data from Twitter within a many twinkles. Your account will also be placed in a line for endless omission. After 30 days, Twitter will begin the process of permanently deleting your account and its associated data. Your data will also be deleted ever, and anyone will be suitable to register a new account using your former Twitter username.

Still, you can subscribe back into your account and extinguish it, If you change your mind within 30 days. Your data — including tweets, followers, and pets — should be restored to Twitter within a many twinkles, although Twitter says it may take “ a while.”

By the way, if you just want to change your username, you do n’t need to kill or cancel your account first. You can change it in Settings and Sequestration> Your Account.

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How to Delete Your Twitter Account

  • To cancel your Twitter account, first visit the Twitter website in a web cybersurfer. Or you can open the Twitter app on iPhone, iPad, or Android.
  • Next, log in to the Twitter regard you want to cancel. On the website, click the “ Further” button in the sidebar. In the Twitter app, tap your account print in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • In the menu that opens (for both web and app), elect “ Settings and Sequestration.”
  • In Settings and Sequestration, elect “ Your Account.”
How to Delete Twitter Account
  • In Your Account settings, click “ Kill Your Account” (on the web) or valve “ Kill Account” (in the Twitter app).
  • You ’ll see a warning screen that explains how deactivation works. Click or tap “ Kill.”

Next, confirm your account word and elect “ Deactivate.”

How to Delete Twitter Account
  • Eventually, confirm formerly again by opting “ Yes, Deactivate.”

After that, Twitter will let you know that your account is now killed. Your data should fade from the Twitter website within a many twinkles, and the data will be permanently deleted if you do n’t log back in within 30 days.

How to Reactivate Your Twitter Account

Still, visit the Twitter website or open your Twitter app and sign in with your account’s username (or airmail address) and word, If you change your mind. Once you subscribe in, your account will be reactivated. Twitter may take a while to restore all your account data. Stay safe out there!

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