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How to Recover Deleted Files From Google Drive | Android, iphone, iPad, desktop browser

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How to Recover Deleted Files From Google Drive

Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Google Drive

Your contents are stored in Google Drive cloud, so you can access it any time you wish. If you mistakenly deleted any of your files from Google Drive, you can still recover it from the trash folder. The file stays in the trash folder for a maximum of 30 days before being deleted permanently. If you remove a shared file from Google Drive, others can view it until you permanently delete the file. Once the file is out of trash, there is no way to recover it again.

If you didn’t know, Google offers 15GB of storage for free in the cloud, after which users need to buy paid storage through Google One plans. The Basic plan offers 100GB cloud storage per month. There is also a Standard plan that offers 200GB of storage per month and a Premium plan offers 2TB cloud storage per month. These Google One memberships support family sharing too.

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How to Recover Deleted Files From Google_Drive | Android, iphone, iPad, desktop browser

Get Back your Deleted Files from Google Drive

If you are a Google user that uses a smart phone; Android, iPhone, iPad, or the desktop browser, then you can recover your deleted files with these easy steps listed below. The steps for all these devices are just similar to each other.

Below are the easy steps to recover your deleted files from Google_Drive.

  1. Open the Google Drive app on mobile, click on Trash.
  2. On a computer browser, go to drive.google.com/drive/trash.
  3. You can sort your trashed files by trashed date to find the oldest or newest files trashed.
  4. Click on the three dots icon below the file you want to recover or right-click the file you’d like to recover.
  5. Click on Restore.
  6. Your file should be restored into the same place it was removed from.

About Google Drive

Google Drive is a file Saving/storage and synchronization service developed by Google. It came to live on April 24, 2012, Google Drive gives users access/allows them to store files in the cloud (Google’s servers), synchronize files across devices, and share files. In addition to a web interface, Google Drive offers apps with offline capabilities for Windows and macOS computers, and Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Google Drive comprehends Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides, which are a part of the Google Docs Editors office suite that permits collaborative editing of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, forms, and more. When files are created and edited with respect to Google Docs suite are saved in Google Drive.

Google Workspace Storage

Google gives 30 Gigabyte of Drive storage for all Google Workspace Starter clients, and unlimited storage for those using Google Workspace Business or G Suite for Education, so far there are at least 5 members. Associations with less than 5 members are given a minimum of 1 Terabyte per user.

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