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How to Score High in SAT and ACT | Simple Preparation Tips

How to Score High in SAT and ACT | Many people who participate in the ACT and the SAT tend to find it difficult on attaining a good score for their choice of college. This article will show simple tips that has been tried and its working – on how to improve or score high in any ACT or SAT.

How to Score High in SAT and ACT

How to Gain a High SAT and ACT scores

Following the underlisted tips will greatly improve your ability to remain calm, collected, and focused during the test. And see the positive result in your test scores.

Let’s first look at what a good ACT and SAT scores looks like

Good, Average and Excellent ACT and SAT scores

Below is a table showing the SAT scores for each of the institution with a score scale from 200 to 800.

99th750 or above1510 or aboveBest SAT Score Range
90th6701340Excellent SAT Score Range
75th6101200 – 1210Good SAT Score Range
50th5301050 – 1060Average SAT Score

The ACT scores listed in the table below shows on the basis of the 99th percentile, 90th percentile, 75th percentile, and 50th percentile with their composite.

99th (Best)35-3634-36
90th (Excellent)3029
75th (Good)2424
50th (Average)19*20

Now, you can see the different grades for a good, average and excellent ACT and SAT score

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How to Score High in SAT and ACT

Before Taking the Test

  • Preparing for anything in life, is the key to success. Study up. Improve your vocabulary, reading comprehension, and basic math skills via test prep resources.
  • Always collaborating with the practice tests helps you know what to expect, with stamina, gain confidence, and improve your performance. You can get test prep books and practice tests from the library, the SAT and ACT websites, or a bookstore.
  • Organize the necessary test requirement the day before the test and fix them properly, so that you won’t be disorganized on the day of the test – looking for one thing or the other. This includes your test admission ticket, ID, several sharpened pencils, erasers, a watch, and a calculator with fresh batteries (and an extra set, just in case).
  • Make sure to get some rest, at least eight(8) hours of sleep the night before the test. This will help you arrive at the test center rested and alert.

On Test Day

Make sure to eat breakfast and bring snacks. Eat breakfast that will raise your energy level, and prevent you from getting distracted by hunger pangs. Coming with some healthy snacks and sandwich to eat during the break will also be of help.

Wear a relaxed clothe. Put on something that will make you feel comfortable. Wear layers so you can easily adapt if the room temperature changes.

Early arrival at the test center will keep your mind relaxed. If you know you will arrive at least 15 minutes before the official start time, you won’t worry about being late.

Make sure to sit where you will be comfortable, avoiding distractions from both inside and outside the test room. If possible, avoid sitting near air conditioning or heating vents and pencil sharpeners.

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During the Test

These directions might look simple, but it will be of great help if you can keep to it.

Read the questions carefully:

Before marking any answer, read the question carefully to be sure you understand what is asked. For example, are you supposed to pick the one that belongs or the one that doesn’t belong?

Answer easier questions first:

Get the questions you’re sure about out of the way first, even if it means skipping some questions and coming back to them.

Don’t spend too much time on one question.

If you have narrowed down the answer to a couple of choices, circle the question and come back to it with fresh eyes after you’ve answered other questions.

Stop blind Guessing:

If you can eliminate even one choice, your chance of choosing the right answer is greater.

Work it out on paper:

Don’t be afraid to use your test booklet as scratch paper if you need to compose sentences or do part of a problem by hand.

Organize your thoughts:

Before you write your essay, take a few minutes to outline your key points. Your essay will be better and easier to write.

Take a Deep Breathe:

If you get nervous during the test, do some deep breathing to calm yourself. Inhale, count to three, and then exhale, repeat about five times.

Proofread Your Work:

If you finish a section before the given time is up, use the extra time to proofread and check your answers.

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