Insecurity and Terrorism the way forward in Nigeria

Insecurity and Terrorism the way forward in Nigeria | Concept of Insecurity, Insecurity in Nigeria, Causes of Insecurity in Nigeria…See more details below;

Insecurity and Terrorism the way forward in Nigeria

Insecurity and Terrorism the way forward in Nigeria

The position of instability/Insecurity and terrorism in Nigeria both in the northern and southern part has come a major issue for the government. Since 1990 when the conditioning of the Niger Delta militants started until recent times when Boko Haram insurgents arose in the Northern part of the country, Nigeria has witnessed unknown security challenges. These challenges ranges from hijacking , self-murder attacks, bombings, ritual killings, assassinations, fortified thievery, and this has led to the destruction of lives and parcels, hindered business conditioning, discouraged original and foreign investors, increases government expenditure on security, all of these stifles and retards Nigeria’s socio- profitable development. The events girding September 11, 2001 and other recent events of terrorism across the globe especially the current surge of terrorism in Nigeria, has concentrated our minds on issues of terrorism and instability. This study thus aims at catching on empirically the impact of terrorism and instability on profitable development in Nigeria. before empirical studies concentrated more on instability. therefore, the impact of terrorism on profitable growth deserves study.


Concept of Insecurity

The conception of instability is a crosscutting andmulti-dimensional conception which has been subject to debates. Instability is viewed else by different experimenters, some associating it with how it affects individual lives and actuality. UNDP( 1994) sees mortal security to include habitual pitfalls like hunger, complaint and suppression.

The state of fear or anxiety stemming from a concrete or alleged lack of protection or insufficient freedom from peril is seen as instability. In another view, Achumba et al,( 2013) editorialized that instability is a state of being subject to peril, exposed to threat or anxiety. A person or suppose is said to be secured when not being exposed to any form of peril or threat of physical or moral aggression, accident, theft or deterioration.

For the purpose of this paper, instability is seen as a habitual trouble to mortal life, homes, countries, religious beliefs, lots and institutions among others. It should be noted, notwithstanding, that there’s no agreement description of instability since it’s frequently approached from different perspectives. Critic have examined different sources of instability. Cameron and McCormic( 1954) refocused out some sources of instability.

They include:

  • Emotional response to unforeseen external trouble from within
  • Fairly constant hanging external situation
  • Trouble from within; trouble to beliefs especially religion.

Achumba, Ighomeroho and Akpor- Robaro( 2013) linked two major sources of instability remote factors, and immediate and proximate factors. The remote factors include:

  • Lack of institutional capacity performing in government failure
  • Pervasive material inequalities and unfairness
  • Ethno-religious conflicts
  • Conflict of comprehensions between the public and government; weak security system
  • Loss of socio-artistic and collaborative value system.

On the other hand, immediate and proximate factors include pervious borders; pastoral/ civic drift; social irresponsibility of companies; severance/ poverty; terrorism.

Instability/Insecurity in Nigeria

In recent times, Nigeria has witnessed an unknown position of instability and terrorism since the arrival of the present popular division. The pattern of instability has been regionalized host groups in the south, insurrection in the north, hijacking in the east and south, ritual killings in the east and west, political and nonpolitical advised assassinations across the nation. The indigenous pattern of instability has given rise to indigenous security conformation in the country in a shot to dock the intimidating rate of instability. Boko Haram surfaced as a radical fundamentalist Islamic side, formed by Ustaz Mohammed Yusuf, in 2002 in Maiduguri, Borno state.

Causes of Insecurity in Nigeria

A lot of effects have been set up as the causes of insecurity in the country. Some of the problems in Nigeria and results are talked over below

1. Unemployment: The inviting unemployment rate in the country is able of causing fear. The issue is especially clear when it comes to Nigerian youths. According to the statistics, every tenth youthful citizen of the country is officially jobless. Nigeria’s social problems in Nigeria and possible results Another statistic handed by the NBS as of 2019 showed that the unemployment rate in the country has risen to23.1. still, it’s apparent that rapid-fire growth in population is a significant cause of this imminence, If we consider unemployment in Nigeria causes goods and results. Severance in Nigeria causes goods and result Also, the recent decline in the country’s frugality is another cause. Unfortunately, a lot of people have been laid off, while new jobs aren’t created. In combating the situation, it’s the responsibility of the government to produce new jobs as well as the citizens to produce their own openings through entrepreneurship.

2. Corruption: In 2019, translucency International placed Nigeria on 146th position out of 198 countries in the Corruption comprehensions indicator with a score of 26 out of 100. loose Nigerian politicians have come a turn off for transnational investors. Corruption has formerly come a part of life in the country. Unfortunately, it forms part of the profitable problems in Nigeria moment and result can only come when we’ve selfless leaders who’ll go the redundant afar to effect change in different categories of government. Top 13 problems of universal introductory education that Nigerian citizens face every day

3. Imbalance: Different corridor of the country have different pets of development. Due to this, the country’s oil painting-rich regions feel disturbed when the Federal Government use their oil painting and doesn’t develop their society. They want to take justice into their hands. That’s why they trash oil channels. The confedarate Government should tackle this issue, and an important method is to balance the development of all country regions. Severance in Nigeria causes goods and result.

4. Weak judicial system: The weak judicial system causes instability in Nigeria. People feel insecure when culprits and terrorists go free. numerous evil- inclined people suppose that plutocrat can buy freedom in the country, and unfortunately, the loose system proves this line of study. Rich people can buy their freedom in the country, which the poor millions don’t feel secure about. There may be only one answer to that – translucency. Top 5 causes of the current religious extremity in Nigeria and possible results The Federal Government should make sure a judge’s decision and power is transparent.

5.” Open” borders: The country has borders that are inadequately guarded. Insurgents from other countries can insinuate the country with no problem. This state of affairs is particularly perilous in the North East. The Federal Government can not give enough colors to secure the borders. pervious littoral borders are the main cause of terrorism in the country. The Federal Government should increase the number of colors that guard borders. It should also train people to cover their regions from mutineers.

6. A high affluence of arms: profitable problems in Nigeria moment and result Bootleggers use pervious littoral borders of the country to vend arms. The corruption and weak judicial systems only help bootleggers to vend indeed more ordnance. They give fireballs, shotguns, rifles, assault rifles, grenades, and snares used against the people and military forces. The Federal Government understands this situation and tries to find a result. Still, it’s a complex problem. The government may need to ask help from residers of affected areas to command the borders together. Reasons for underdevelopment in Nigeria and possible results

7. Narcotics: What are the types of insecurity in Nigeria?,@GI_TOC Narcotic trafficking is one of the causes of instability in Nigeria. Felonious groups are involved in the smuggling of illegal substances to Europe, Asia, South Africa, and North America. Nigerian bands are one of the major providers of opium in the world. Citizens should fight this felonious trafficking, which isn’t affecting just the country but the entire world. The Federal Government should initiate cooperation with other countries to fight culprits. Opening an transnational disquisition on the matter, and creating groups responsible for this will help.

8. Slavery: The Walk Free Foundation of Global Slavery reports that about citizens in the country are trapped in mortal trafficking. For case, women in the country can be tricked into migrating to other regions in the country. They hope to find good jobs, but, rather of promised jobs, they’re forced to vend their bodies for plutocrat. Some of them are indeed vended to foreign bagnios. What are Nigeria’s biggest political problems? The situation with mortal trafficking and forced labour in the country is horrible. Citizens should fight these crimes. You must report cases of mortal trafficking or slavery. Don’t be indifferent to this problem.

9. Criminal situation: For the last many yr., citizens have been victims of thefts, which occasionally come in daylight. Organized felonious gangs take over the thoroughfares of the country. People don’t feel safe when walking on the roads. loose government officers can not give help to Nigerians to fight with these culprits. This issue should be attend to by the Federal Government.

[Insecurity and Terrorism the way forward in Nigeria]

Conclusion and Recommendations

Insecurity is a key encounter to the Nigerian government in recent times. The conditioning of the Islamic side( Boko Haram) have led to loss of lives and lots in the country especially in the Northern part of Nigeria. Some of these conditioning include bombing, self-murder explosive attacks, sporadic firing of unarmed and innocent citizens, burning of police stations, churches,e.t.c. abduction, rape, fortified thievery and political heads have been another major challenge facing the country. This has counteraccusations for the development of the Nigerian Frugality. This study has shown that insecurity impacts negatively on profitable development in Nigeria. It has made government to divert coffers meant for development purposes to security votes. [Insecurity and Terrorism the way forward in Nigeria]


This outcome is in line with other studies on diverse countries of the world. Nigeria has been included among one of the relaxed countries of the world. numerous lives and parcels have been lost and a large number of citizens rendered homeless. Families have lost their loved ones. numerous women are now widows. Children come orphans with no relief of the future. Government has made frantic trouble to attack these challenges posed by instability in the country and put an end to it but the rate of instability is still intimidating. It’s thus recommended that;

  1. Government should declare war on terrorism and seek backing/ advice from transnational communities who have in the time past faced this kind on challenge and were suitable to attack it.
  2. The Nigerian armed forces should be empowered more with arms to fight this insurrection.
  3. Government should also beef up further security in the eastern and southern corridor of the country.
  4. Grazing grounds or/ and granges should be erected in all countries of the country for Fulani herdsmen who rear cattle. This will help to stop the murder of growers whom they graze cattle on their granges.

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