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Lehigh University Acceptance Rate | More Information 2022

Lehigh University Acceptance Rate | More information on Lehigh University will be outlined in this page…See more details below.

Overview of Lehigh University

Lehigh University is one of the private exploration/research universities located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania with an acceptance rate of 32 %.

The university has three(3) bordering campuses of about One thousand six hundred (1,600) acres.

students/cholars of Lehigh University can take advantage of the academy’s academic support services, learning center, aid with study experience – training, and a jotting center. English is used as an alternate Language for classes and services.

Lehigh University Acceptance Rate

Also, the university has honors programs, independent study chances, internships, an exchange student program, and career counseling.

Studying program abroad is relatively expansive, offering undergraduates 200 programs in 60 different countries. Meaning you can spend a semester abroad whether you’re in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Australia/ New Zealand, Europe, and the Middle East.

And if you prefer to travel during college breaks, Lehigh University offers downtime break programs in Costa Rica, Martinique, Spain, and Singapore. The university also offers summer programs in Ireland, Belgium, London, Paris, Prague, Shanghai, and Kenya; and a spring break program in Israel, which are all led by members of the Lehigh faculty.

The academy offers over 100 undergraduate degree programs; engineering and business majors are among the most popular courses in the university.

Lehigh University has a9/1 student/ faculty rate with an average class size of 29 scholars. The academy ranks among the top Middle Atlantic colleges and Pennsylvania colleges.

Lehigh University Acceptance Rate

Lehigh University has an acceptance rate of 32 percent(%) and ranks# 8 in Pennsylvania for the smallest rate of acceptance. This implies that for every 100 aspirants only 32 are admitted; making Lehigh’s admissions process competitive.

out of aspirants were admitted in the year2019/2020 academic session, making the academy a largely competitive university to get into with a lower chance of acceptance for qualifying aspirants.

The university’s requirements are extremely high for admission. The academy admits scholars who score in the top 12. Generally, it’s veritably easy for average high academy scholars.

Just as the acceptance rate is low and largely competitive, the registration rate is largely competitive.

The university only enrolls 28 of those admitted into the academy.

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SAT, ACT, and GPA Scores

Lehigh University considers aspirants who score high in SAT – in the top 14 percent of SAT test- takers.

Lehigh generally takes SAT composite scores down to 1280 on a 1600 scale, below which the admission is considered a reach. Still, scholars could still be accepted with an SAT score as low as 1190. But the estimated average SAT compound score for admitted newcomers is 1370 out of 1600. Lehigh university ranks# 6 in Pennsylvania for the highest average SAT compound score. To be admitted on merit aspirants must have a competitive SAT score as 63 percent(%) of aspirants submit SAT scores to the academy.

In terms of ACT, admission data shows that Lehigh university regularly accepts scholars with an ACT of 29 and over. Statistics show that successful aspirants generally send ACT scores in the top 9 nationally and in some cases, the academy accepts minimal ACT compound scores around 27.

Prospective scholars with an ACT compound of 31 or advanced can be sure to fall in the upper half of aspirants, and with a 33 ACT score or over, have a veritably competitive chance. Just in the case of SAT, the university also ranks# 6 in Pennsylvania for the highest average ACT composite score. Of all the aspirants, data shows that 37 of aspirants submit ACT scores to Lehigh University.

On a4.0 scale, the high academy GPA of the admitted freshman shows an normal of3.81. making it largely competitive.

Your admission decision by the academy authority relies not only on your GPA and SAT/ ACT scores but also on your coursework difficulty, extracurricular conditioning, recommendation letters, and including particular statements.

80-100Safety academy Strong chance of getting in
50-80More likely than not getting in
20-50Lower but still good chance of getting in
5-20Doubtful to get in, but still have a shot ( reach academy)
0-5Veritably delicate to get in

Scholars looking for admission are recommended to apply to university across a range of chances.

How Much Will Lehigh Cost?

The table below outlines How Much Will Lehigh Cost; the Tution and fees at Lehigh University;

Typical first-year housing$9,350
Full meal plan$6,540
Technology fee$510
Activity fee$250
Wellness fee$200
Total Cost**$75,820

In addition to these direct costs, you should also consider circuitous costs of council, including books and inventories. For the purpose of awarding need- grounded fiscal aid, Lehigh includes$ 1,000 estimated costs for books and$ 1,065 estimated costs for particular charges in the total cost of attendance. Costs in excess of these quantities (for illustration, health insurance, fraternity/ sorority freights, advanced- cost domestic halls/ apartments, excursions and special programs, trip and transportation) won’t be considered for gift aid coffers but may be considered for fresh loan eligibility.

** Scholars in certain programs and majors are assessed a fresh$ 760 fee (Engineering and Science figure or Trades and campus figure).

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Lehigh University Financial Aid

Lehigh University offers scholars both need- grounded and merit- grounded literacy worldwide. These literacies include academic merit awards for scholars in the top league of their aspirant pool.

Dean’s Scholars get an award of$ a time only for the scholars who exceed academically and have shown leadership chops in their separate high seminaries. The need- grounded Lehigh education awards are reserved for scholars with solid academic chops and a demonstration need.

Note: Scholars who qualify and are given this award must maintain a2.8- grade point normal while at Lehigh.

Student Life at Lehigh University

Lehigh University requires scholars in their first time to live in on- campus casing. Residence halls are girding the lot where scholars can fluently take a walk to classes, libraries, the spa, and other conditioning.

Scholars coming by can choose between double apartments and mates, or triplets. Although the single apartments are limited, all apartments are equipped with a phone, string Television connections, and direct Internet access.

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