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Lehigh University Transfer Acceptance Rate

Lehigh University Transfer Acceptance Rate | Lehigh University’s transfer acceptance rate is one of our most important factors in calculating a college’s overall standing. For illustration, starting as a beginner at Lehigh can be stressful, especially if you end up being in the same major with heavy elderly associates in a one- way transfer process.”

Lehigh University Transfer Acceptance Rate

Lehigh University’s transfer acceptance rate is 23.67%. In 2019, the University entered 427 transfer applications and accepted only 101 scholars. It shows how competitive it’s to get into Lehigh University. Transfer scholars from a veritably small part of the University’s population. In fact, according to Sarah Bombard, a senior associate director of admission, due to the limited spots available, only around 30-40 undergraduate transfer scholars are accepted every time.

Lehigh University Transfer Acceptance Rate

Lehigh University Transfer Application Requirements

Still, then are some conditions you would need to conform with;

If you ’re planning to transfer to Lehigh University – Online Application

Applicants would be needed to complete the Common Application or Coalition Application. This would generally involve filling in particular information on the application form.

Lehigh University Application Fee

Aspirants are needed to pay anon-refundable operation figure of$ 70. Still, this demand can be waived by scholars who demonstrate fiscal requirements by filling the disclaimer form on the application form.

Official High School Transcript

Aspirants are needed to submit an sanctioned final high academy transcript. Generally, this would include the aspirant’s scale date and an sanctioned stamp. It’s advised that Aspirants submit this paraphrase electronically when available.

Transfer College Report

Applicants would be needed to submit a council report that basically contains information about their academic standing at their current institution. This is generally gotten from further than one functionary at your institution.

Official College transcripts

Aspirants are needed to submit an authorized college transcript from all sodalities attended or presently attending. This is a veritably important demand as it’s the primary focus for considering admission. It’s a major demand that all aspirants have good academic standing with their former institution to be eligible.

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Course Descriptions

Aspirants would also be needed to submit a course description which is basically a verbatim dupe of the description of the courses offered in your former institution. While an application can be made without submission of this demand, the transfer credit evaluation process would be delayed until the course description has been submitted.

Authorized SAT and ACT

Aspirants for the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 academic sessions would be needed to submit their SAT/ ACT score as this is an voluntary requirement. Thus, aspirants for this time can choose whether or not they want to submit their scores.

It’s important to note that the following campaigners aren’t eligible to transfer to Lehigh university;

  • applicants who have left the former institution for poor literacy
  • Aspirants that don’t have a good academic standing
  • Applicants who were released from their former institution due to correctional reasons

Lehigh University Transfer Application Deadline

Still, you should take note of the following application deadlines, If you ’re planning to transfer to Lehigh university. Lehigh University has two rounds of Early decisions and one regular decision.

Early Decision I

Deadline:November 15
Decision Date:Mid December

Early Decision II

Deadline:January 1
Decision Date:Mid February

Regular Decision

Deadline:January 1
Decision Date:Late March

Lehigh University Transfer Average GPA

There’s no minimum needed GPA stated as part of the Application Checklist. Still, aspirants are anticipated to have a GPA of3.25 or over to stand a chance in the competitive application process. Lehigh University accepts only exceptional scholars hence the High GPA normal.

Lehigh University Transfer Financial Aid

Lehigh University provides a lot of fiscal aid for its transfer scholars. These fiscal aids come majorly in literacy and grants, which scholars aren’t bound to pay back. Lehigh university is veritably interested in the scholars’ fiscal well- being and would not allow and form a fiscal manacle to a pupil’s academic trip. Still, these fiscal aids or merit- grounded literacy aren’t available to transnational transfer applicants.

Does Lehigh University Accept Transnational/International Transfer Scholars/students?

Absolutely! Lehigh University accepts transfer applications from each over the world. Lehigh University has a veritably different lot with scholars from each over the world. For transnational scholars that cannot come to the lot physically, the University provides virtual tenures to give these transnational scholars a sense of the lot. This shows how passionate the University is about transnational transfer scholars.

You ’d be surprised to know that in the 2019-2020 academic session, over 1000 scholars from 90 countries studied at Lehigh University.

The same conditions for domestic transfer scholars apply to transnational transfer scholars. Still, transnational transfer aspirants would be needed to fulfill the following fresh conditions

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Evidence of English Proficiency

International transfer aspirants are needed to show evidence of English Proficiency. Still, this demand can be waived if the Aspirants’ first language is English or if the last two times of formal instructions were conducted English language in English or if the last two times of formal instructions were conducted in English. Aspirants that don’t meet these waiver conditions would be needed to submit scores of any of these examinations;

IELTS:7.0 or higher
TOEFL:90 or higher
Duolingo English Test (DET)110 or higher

International transfer applicants should note the following:

  • SAT or ACT results cannot be used to waive these English Proficiency requirements.
  • These English Proficiency test scores must be submitted directly by the testing agency.

Certificate Of Finance

International scholars who would demand fiscal aid during their time in the university must require bear bear fiscal aid during their time in the university must submit the Lehigh Certificate of Finance form and submit it before or by the application deadline and submit it before or by the application deadline toLUinternational@lehigh.edu. International aspirants who wish to be considered for need- grounded fiscal aid must submit the CSS Profile through the council board by the application deadline.

Lehigh University Transfer Credits

Lehigh university accepts transfer credits Once admitted, transfer scholars would generally have a credit evaluation to determine which credit would transfer over. For this credit transfer to be possible, the university must have a interpretation of that course with the same number of credit hours. It’s also essential that scholars fulfill the same prerequisites that Lehigh requires for the course and have a C or better in the class.

additionally, it must be noted that Pass/ fail classes can not be transferred for credit. You should also note that Transfer credits aren’t regard into Lehigh’s GPA. For further rules and caveats regarding transfer credits the university website

Perquisites of Transferring to Lehigh University

Then are some reasons why you should consider transferring to Lehigh university

Rigorous Academic Experience

Lehigh’s University offers a rigorous and top- notch academic experience to its scholars. Hence hence it’s Ranked as one of the elegant universities in the country. Lehigh University’s business, science, e, and engineering immolations are admired in all academic circles.

Although the Academic experience can be a veritably rigorous one, the support from the faculty and coffers available at the University makes it an pleasurable academic experience. Lehigh university is ranked as one of the Universities with the highest- paid alumni and has. As a result, there’s a high prospect of veritably good placement after school.

Minial Size

Lehigh University has a veritably low scholar-to- faculty-to- faculty scholar-to- faculty-to- faculty rate of 91. This small class size fosters commerce between scholars and speakers and makes it possible for scholars to contribute to intellectual literacy.

Extracurricular conditioning

The stylish part about Lehigh University is the balance it provides between rigorous Academic work and doing effects that intrigue you. Lehigh University largely encourages social commerce and has a strong set of social conditioning. Some of these social conditioning include intramurals, fraternities, and sororities. The University also has great and competitive sports brigades, including football and wrestling, among others.

Great Campus Community

Lehigh has such a beautiful lot and a veritably welcoming atmosphere. The University terrain is stunning, with numerous coverts and galleries that technically speak out of bounds for scholars. The students are friendly and always ready to help. Trust me; there’s no lot community as drinking as Lehigh university. It’s a place to be!

Lehigh university is a amazing place to be, and trust me, if you ’re interested in having a rigorous and yet stimulating academic experience. Lehigh university is the place to be.

Lehigh University Majors

Lehigh University offers a wide spectrum of majors that cuts across different fields while making it possible for aspirants to produce a epitomized Class. The University offers its majors through these four academic institutions.

Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science
College of Business
Global College of Health
College of Arts and Sciences

For further information on the courses offered by these estimable colleges, visit the university website.


Is standardized testing needed for Lehigh university transfer aspirants?

The Formalized test, also known as SAT, is a demand for transfer application. Still, it must be noted that it’s an voluntary demand. Thus, if you do n’t have your SAT scores, you ’re not at a disadvantage in the application.

Are interviews available for transfer aspirants at Lehigh University?

Not at all. Lehigh University doesn’t carry out interviews as part of its transfer application process. Thus, if you want the university to know any other effects, be sure to talk about it considerably in your application as this is the only chance you have.

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