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New Zealand Visa | How to Apply for New Zealand Visa 2022

New Zealand Visa | How to Apply for New Zealand Visa 2022 | New Zealand Visa Types | Document Requirements for New Zealand Visa…See more details below.

New Zealand Visa

New Zealand Visa

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, chancing itself on the “ must visit” list of utmost tourists. The islet nation is known for its natural beauty, offering a wide array of sightseeing options. In addition to trip, the country is also home to excellent educational institutes which give quality education. A vibrant providence and strong connection to the history make it an ideal destination to visit and spend time. Unlike a number of countries, New Zealand doesn’t have extremely strict visa regulations, furnishing a visa to genuine aspirants.

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How to Apply for a New Zealand Visa | How to Get a New Zealand Visa

New Zealand provides a host of openings to individualities, be it with respects to travel, work, study, investment or settling there. Depending on the need, one can apply for a New Zealand Visa. One needs to figure out the kind of visa they need, applying for the same either online or through the Embassy of the country.

In case one wishes to apply online, they will need to check whether they satisfy certain introductory eligibility criteria, post which they can log onto the authorized website of the immigration department and apply for a visa. The right documents should be in place, in addition to evidence of fiscal stability and skill set of an existent.

Types of New Zealand Visas

New Zealand offers a host of visas to individualities and groups likewise, with the different options listed below;

  • Tourist/ Visitor Visa – This permits an individual or a group to visit the country for a specific period of time, with the purpose of visit being sightseeing, visiting family and mates , or recreation. One can stay up to a outside of 9 months on this visa, which doesn’t have a provision to work on it.
  • Sports/ Artist Visa – This is a subcategory under the traveler visa and is given to individualities who visit the country for sports/ cultural events. It enables them to perform in the country for a specific duration, during which they’re entitled to earn as well.
  • scholar/ Study Visa – This is designed for individualities who wish to pursue education in New Zealand. One can settle for either a short- term or a long- term course. This visa is subject to them getting admission into a particular university and also enables them to work in certain cases.
  • Work Visa – This visa is handed to individualities who wish to pursue a career in the country. One needs to be professed and is anticipated to meet certain criteria to get it. Officers could contend on a job offer before the visa is sanctioned.
  • Investor Visa – This visa is designed for individualities who wish to invest in the country. It provides entrepreneurs an occasion to set up a business in New Zealand, helping both the individual and country develop together.
  • Partner/ Child Visa – This is designed for the children and/ or mate of a New Zealand citizen. It can be utilised by individualities who need to be in the country to support their mate, and varies from a case to case base.
  • Each order has a number of farther subcategories when it comes to Visas, giving comprehensive options to individualities.

New Zealand Visa fees

The price for a particular visa depends on the country an existent is from and the purpose of visit. The table below highlights the prices applicable to an Indian citizen looking for a New Zealand visa.

Visa CategoryVisa Fee (NZ$)Immigration Charge (NZ$)
=>”Skilled Migrant2,505580
=>”Investor Plus4,165580
=>”Entrepreneur Residence3,340580
=>”Parent Retirement3,340280
Refugee (depends on=>” situation)835NA
Other Residence Visa=>”1,670NA
Permanent Residence Visa190NA
=>”EOI* – Skilled Migrant680 (for hard copy)NA
EOI – Skilled Migrant (Online)530NA
=>”EOI – Parent Category440 (hard copy)NA
EOI – Investor620NA
Visitor Visa170 (hard copy)14
=>”Visitor Visa =>”(Online)=>”15114=>”
Temporary Retirement Visitor Visa3,34014
=>”Group Tourist Visa8510
Student Visa280 (hard copy)17=>”
Student Visa (Online)=>”25217
Temporary Work Visa – Job Search=>”26038
=>”Work Visa375 (hard copy)38
Work Visa (Online)35538
Entrepreneur Work Visa3,34038
Holiday=>” Work Visa17038
Other Work Visa280 (hard copy) 260 (online)38
Limited Visa=>”280 (for students and=>” seasonal employee) 170 (for others)17 for students 10 for seasonal employee =>”14 for others
Transit =>”Visa145NA

*EOI –  Express of Interest.

New Zealand Visa status

Individualities who have applied for a New Zealand Visa can check the status of their operation by using the authorized website of the immigration department of the country. One can click then to see the rearmost updates regarding their operation. They will need to register themselves by entering their introductory information, including their name and mail id. After choosing a word and answering a security question they will be handed a login id. They can use this id and the word to check the status of their operation.

New Zealand Visa Requirements

Some of the vital conditions which should be satisfied in order to get a New Zealand Visa include”;

  • Character – An aspirant shouldn’t have police cases against him/ her and should be of decent character. This is a simple needful to insure that there’s no trouble to anyone in the country.
  • Duration – An aspirant should be clear about the quantum of time he/ she wishes to spend in the country. Each visa has a maximum time period associated with it and an existent should insure that he/ she does n’t overstay.
  • Tickets – An aspirant should give evidence of his/ her return trip. This means that return tickets could be needed as evidence.
  • Finances – Staying in New Zealand isn’t veritably precious, but an aspirant should have sufficient plutocrat to last the trip. He/ she will be needed to show evidence of finances for the trip. This quantum should cover introductory conditions.
  • Guarantor – In certain cases, an individual might be asked to give details about the individual financing his/ her trip.
  • Admission – In case an existent is applying for a scholar visa, he/ she should give evidence of admission into a recognised council/ university.
  • Business – If an existent is coming to New Zealand to work, he/ she might be asked to give evidence of employment. This depends on a case to case base and might not be asked in all cases.
  • Freights – An aspirant should pay the needed price before the operation is reused. This means that finances need to be arranged at the time of application itself.
  • Documents – Aspirants need to have the necessary documents before they can apply for a visa. A valid passport, admission/ work letter, tickets,etc. should be ready in order to complete the process.

FAQs on New Zealand Visa

Is it compulsory to pay the application price for a New Zealand Visa?

Yes, an application price is charged by the officers, depending on the aspirant’s nation. The visa figure is waived for citizens from certain nations with whom the country has close ties.

Do I’ve any figure waivers?
The list of countries whose citizens have a figure waiver are listed below.

Which are the nations which fall under the Visa waiver tie-up?

Nationals/Citizens from the following countries are not required to make payment for any visa fee:

Andorra, Argentina, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, UAE, UK, USA, Uruguay, and Vatican City.

Should I submit a photograph in order to reprocess my visa operation?

  • Yes, the visa operation should be supported by photos. These photos need to meet certain criteria, failing which the operation will be rejected.

I’ve an old photo of mine. Can I submit this in my operation?

  • No, the application should be accompanied by a snap which isn’t further than 6 months old.

What are the other conditions which a snap should meet?

  • The snap should be clear, unedited, and against a light coloured background. In addition, it should be in focus, showing the face easily. Prints with sunglasses won’t be accepted.

How numerous photos should I submit?

  • Two colour photos need to be submitted with the operation in order for it to be reprocessed.

Is there a minimal quantum I should show as fiscal support for my trip to New Zealand?

  • Yes, you’ll have to give evidence which shows a minimum ofNZ$ for a month (if your accommodation isn’t reimbursed). This quantum reduces toNZ$ 400 a month if you have formerly paid for accommodation.

Do I need to pass any medical tests in order to apply for a New Zealand Visa?

  • A medical test might be needed if you intend to stay for a long period of time. Individualities who are planning to stay for over 6 months need to give anX-ray of the chest, which should be issued by medic. appointed by the officers. In case you plan to stay for further than a time you’ll have to give a comprehensive medical instrument in addition to the forenamedX-ray.

Which form should I fill for a New Zealand Visa?

  • You’ll be anticipated to fill form INZ 1017, which can be downloaded from the internet or can be taken from a New Zealand Visa Application Centre.
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