Nigerian Army Recruitment Portal 2023 | 83RRI Application

Nigerian Army Recruitment Portal: Applications are invited for the Nigerian Army Recruitment into the 83RRI, and the department of tradesmen/women and non-tradesmen/women of the Nigerian army has successfully started the 84RRI recruitment intake for soldier applicants for the 2022 session.

Nigerian Army Recruitment Portal

The Nigerian Army hereby notifies the general public that the 84RRI recruitment intake for soldiers for the 2022 session has successfully begun for both tradesmen and non-tradesmen.

The application process has also started for the Short Service Combatant Course 49/2022 and the Direct Short Service Commission Course 28/2022.

Nigerian Army Recruitment Positions

  1. Non Tradesmen/Women
  2. Singer
  3. Journalist
  4. Song Writer (Nigerian Army Band Corps)
  5. Photographer
  6. Instrumentalist
  7. Video Cameraman/Woman
  8. Mechanical Technician (Army Aviation)
  9. Electrical Technician (Army Aviation)
  10. Video Technician
  11. Chaplain (Roman Catholic)
  12. Graphic Designer
  13. Public Address Operator/Audiographer
  14. Chaplain (Islamic)
  15. Chaplain (Protestant)
  16. Finance Corp
  17. Military Police
  18. Biomed Technician
  19. Medical Supplier
  20. Physiotherapist
  21. Computer Operator/Technician
  22. Language Expert
  23. Interpreter
  24. Driver (Intelligence Corps)
  25. Electrician (Intelligence Corps)
  26. Language Teacher
  27. Plumber (Intelligence Corps)
  28. Educationist
  29. Tailor
  30. Storeman/Woman
  31. Printer
  32. Library Scientist
  33. Book-keeper
  34. Spray Painter
  35. X-Ray Technician
  36. Vulcanizer
  37. Electro-medical Technician
  38. Boat Technician
  39. Carpenter/Woodworker
  40. Sign Writer
  41. Dental Technician
  42. Blacksmith
  43. Generator/Plant Technician
  44. Automotive Electrician
  45. Welder
  46. Pharmacy Technician
  47. Environmental Technician
  48. Sportsmen/Women
  49. Sports Instructor
  50. Upholsterer
  51. Drivers (Nigerian Army Medical Corps)
  52. Painter (Nigerian Army Engineers)
  53. Iron Bender (Nigerian Army Engineers)
  54. Aluminum Work Technician
  55. Technician (Nigerian Army Signal)
  56. Caterer (Supply and Transport)
  57. Driver (Supply and Transport)
  58. Boat Operator (Supply and Transport)
  59. Boat Engineer (Supply and Transport)
  60. Nurse
  61. Fabrication/Panel Beater
  62. Vehicle Mechanic
  63. Radio/Electronic Technician
  64. Instrument Technician
  65. Mechanical/Electronic Engineer
  66. Refrigeration & Air-Conditioner Technician
  67. Mason/Bricklayer (Nigerian Army Engineers)
  68. Carpenter (Nigerian Army Engineers)
  69. Electrician (Nigerian Army Engineers)
  70. Plant Operator (Nigerian Army Engineers)
  71. Refrigeration and Air Condition Technician (Nigerian Army Engineers)
  72. Tiller (Nigerian Army Engineers)
  73. Welder/Metal Work Technician

Basic Requirements for Nigerian Army Recruitment

  1. Applicants must have been born in Nigeria.
  2. The candidate must have earned at least 4 credits in either the WASSCE, GCE, NECO, or NABTEB in no more than two sittings. Therefore, English Language must be one of the credits.
  3. Candidates for tradesmen women positions must also meet the requirements listed above and hold an OND, a trade test, and a City and Guild Certificate. Information can be found at
  4. Candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 22 for non-tradeswomen and between the ages of 18 and 26 for tradeswomen as of June 1, 2018.
  5. The applicant must not have any criminal convictions.
  6. You must be in good physical, mental, and medical health.
  7. Male and female applicants must both stand at least 1.65 meters (for men) and 1.56 meters (for women) tall.
  8. You must print your completed form so that you can bring it to the exam screening center.

Requirements for Registration in the Nigerian Army

  1. A passport-sized photo
  2. First School Graduation Certificate
  3. Results for WAEC, NABTEB, NECO, and GCE
  4. NCE/ND/Trade Test/RN, Optional
  5. A birth certificate or age declaration.

Nigerian Army Application Method

People with and without trade skills can enroll in the Nigerian Army’s Basic Recruit Military Training for Trades and Non-Tradesmen, which is a brief military training program. Candidates must have a minimum of a Secondary School Certificate in order to participate in the 6-month training program.

  • Go to to start.
  • Set up a user account so you can log in; Your username must be a valid email address.
  • Finish filling out the application, submit it online, and print a copy.
  • The guarantor form should then be printed and completed as necessary.


  • There won’t be a computer-based pre-selection test given to applicants.
  • No distinct recruitment center.
  • No zonal screening exercise would be conducted.
  • Potential recruits will be thoroughly screened in their individual states of origin.
  • Candidates who fabricate or falsify their results and are caught even during training at Deport NA will have their applications rejected.
  • In their own best interests, candidates are encouraged not to reward or induce anyone or any group of people to help them with the hiring process.
  • We suggest you to carefully study the instructions on this portal or, if you have any questions, contact us at 0802 656 9770 or 0905 992 4328.
  • The names of the shortlisted candidates would be published on the website for screening.
  • Candidates who have been shortlisted must go to their respective states of origin for the screening process.
  • Transport of successful candidates to Deport NA for documentation and training
  • All documents will undergo issuing authority verification.
  • All people in possession of forged documents will be turned over to law enforcement for prosecution.
  • Nigerian Army recruitment form is free.

Basic Recruit Training (Soldiers)

People with and without trade skills can enroll in the Nigerian Army’s Basic Recruit Military Training for Trades and Non-Tradesmen, which is a brief military training program. Candidates must have a minimum of a Secondary School Certificate in order to participate in the 6-month training program.

Nigerian Army Short Service Commission (SSC)

Both serving military members and civilians may apply for the Nigerian Army’s Short Service Commission (SSC), a particular sort of commission. The course offers a route for degree holders who want to enlist in the Nigerian Army’s officers rank as combatants.

Successful candidates are commissioned into the rank of Second Lieutenant after completing an intense 9-month training program for this form of commission.

Nigerian Army Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC)

The Nigerian Army offers the Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC), a sort of commission that is available to both serving military members and civilians. Degree holders who are experts in particular disciplines can be hired through the training program.

Successful candidates are commissioned as Lieutenants after a typical 6-month intensive military training session for this sort of commission.

How to Apply for Nigerian Army Recruitment

  1. Go to, the Nigerian Army website, and select the SSC or DSSC option from the page.
  2. A page with the eligibility requirements for the current SSC and DSSC courses will be redirected to you.
  3. Depending on your qualifications, click the “Apply Now” option for the SSC or DSSC.
  4. Select the proper choice and continue after being asked if you are now serving in or have previously served in the Nigerian Armed Forces.
  5. If you do not already have an account, click “Sign Up” (you will receive an email with a verification link), or input your login information and log in.
  6. Complete the form and make sure all of the listed documents are submitted.
  7. For DSSC applicants, take notice that your qualification options depend on the desired corps you choose.
  8. Print the page.
  9. Upon completion of their application, applicants must print off the photo-slip that was generated online.

Nigerian Army Recruitment Deadline

The application Closing date for Nigerian Army Recruitment is 13th May 2023.

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