You are currently viewing NPC Recruitment portal | NPC e-recruitment portal for 2023 census

NPC Recruitment portal | NPC e-recruitment portal for 2023 census

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NPC Recruitment portal,  NPC e-recruitment portal, NPC Recruitment Requirements, How to Apply for NPC e-recruitment…See more details below;
NPC Recruitment portal

In order to hire ad hoc workers for the 2023 census, the National Population Commission, or NPC, has formally established its e-recruitment platform.

Inuwa Jalingo, the Census Manager, told reporters in Abuja on Monday that the Commission anticipates receiving more than 25 million applications for the open positions, adding that the procedure must be competitive, trustworthy, and transparent.

“The adoption of e-Recruitment strategy is to enable widespread applications from all over the areas in the country, reduce bias, and ascertain that all competent Nigerians are given equal opportunities to apply and be recruited and ensuring that no one is left behind,” he said.

NPC Recruitment Requirements

For the 2023 Population and Housing Census, the Commission employs an e-Recruitment site to hire temporary personnel. This website has been tested during Pretest and Trial Census and has been greatly improved to serve different category of ad-hoc staff.”

beginning of the online recruiting process, in which Nigerians of all demographics and genders can connect to the website that will be supplied by the headquarters, is marked by the introduction of the online E-recruitment portal for the 2023 census.

As the National Population Commission (NPC) launches the e-recruitment of ad-hoc workers, candidates must meet certain standards in order to apply for the position.

Inuwa Jalingo, the census manager, announced in Abuja, that the NPC intended to hire 25 million ad hoc staff for the 2023 population count.

However, as Jalingo stated, the procedure must be competitive, dependable, and transparent, there are a few prerequisites that potential employees must meet before visiting the NPC portal.

Below are the necessary requirements to become an NPC Adhoc staff;

NPC Adhoc staff Requirements

  •     The prospective NPC ad-hoc staff must have a valid National Identification Number (NIN)
  •     The applicant must also have a functional Gmail Account
  •     The prospect must have a valid and functional phone number
  •     The prospect must have an operational commercial bank account (No student/NYSC Account)
  •     The candidate must have valid educational qualifications
  •     The prospect must be knowledgeable on how to use computers, tablets and smartphones

How to Apply for NPC e-recruitment

Interested persons should visit the NPC Webpage to get further information.

NPC e-recruitment Application deadline

The slated deadline for registration is 28th December 2022. Therefore, interested persons are advised to apply before the closing date.

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