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PenFed Auto Loan | Review | Requirement & How to Apply

PenFed Auto Loan, Pros and cons of PenFed auto loans, Types of PenFed auto loans, PenFed Interest rates and terms, PenFed Auto loan Requirement & How to Apply…See more details below;
PenFed Auto Loan

PenFed promotes preapproval, which can be a fantastic method to compare its rates to those of rivals, but it comes with ambiguous limits on used cars.

  • Service for purchasing cars online
  • Many loan amounts
  • Various loan arrangements are offered

PenFed Auto Loan Review

PenFed, or Pentagon Federal Credit Union, is a credit union that provides loans for lease buyouts, auto refinances, and new and used car loans. PenFed offers a car buying service with cheaper rates and vehicle pricing if you’re buying a new car. Although PenFed is a membership-based organization, applicants for auto loans are not required to pay the $5 membership fee.

Additionally, PenFed provides its members with important advantages that other lenders might not be able to. The Virginia-based credit union offers debt protection, extended warranty, and gap insurance to drivers who take out loans from them.

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Pros and cons of PenFed auto loans

PenFed has a number of advantages and disadvantages to think about, including potential fees and savings that may be accessible.

PenFed Loan Pros

Online vehicle buying service: The program includes deductibles, cash incentives, loan discounts, and additional savings.

Wide range of loan amounts: A vehicle can be financed for as little as $500 up to $150,000 for qualified customers.

Many loan terms available: Used car loans have periods between 36 and 72 months, while new car and auto refinance loans have terms between 36 and 84 months.

PenFed Loan Cons

High minimum APRs: A minimum APR of over 4% is considerably higher than the competition.

Traditional underwriting criteria: PenFed bases its decision to approve a loan primarily on credit scores.

Several potential fees: On top of other possible fees, PenFed adds a $29 late fee and a $30 returned payment fee.

Who is PenFed best for?

PenFed can be a terrific resource for you if you prefer to handle financial conversations face-to-face. With the assistance of a lending officer, you can obtain a loan for a new or used car or for an auto refinance through one of the company’s offices nationwide. And for drivers who are unclear of which automobile is best for them and their budget, PenFed’s car-buying program can be fantastic.

However, PenFed may not be the best option for customers with excellent credit who could find better deals elsewhere due to starting APRs that are higher than competitive lenders. And the vast range of repayment options combined with the high interest rates might be particularly challenging. More interest must be paid over the course of the loan because of a longer payback period.

Types of PenFed auto loans

With PenFed, drivers may apply for loans for new and used cars as well as auto refinancing.

PenFed New and used vehicle loans

PenFed demands a minimum loan amount of $500 and a maximum loan amount of $150,000 to finance a new car. A used car can also be purchased through PenFed’s car buying program, just like a new one.

PenFed Refinance

PenFed offers refi loans in a variety of terms if you’re looking to approve a better loan. Terms range from 36 to 84 months and loans can be refinanced between $500 to $150,000.

A current PenFed loan cannot, regrettably, be refinanced.

PenFed Interest rates and terms

For new car loans and refinancing loans for vehicles, the financing terms range from 36 to 84 months. Loan terms for used cars range from 36 to 72 months.

Those with excellent credit will receive the most affordable rates.

Loan productStarting APR
New car4.44%
Used car from a dealer5.24%
Used car from an individual5.84%
Lease buyout6.04%
Auto loan refinance5.24%

PenFed Auto loan Requirements

PenFed has a few restrictions on refinancing; if you’re thinking about getting a loan, make sure your car satisfies the requirements below.

  • New vehicle refinance: vehicle’s model year must be 2021 or newer
  • Used vehicle refinance: pre-owned vehicles or vehicles with over 7501 miles

How to Apply for PenFed Loan

Applying for a vehicle loan with PenFed is a simple process that may be completed online, over the phone, or in person at a PenFed branch. You can anticipate a hard credit pull before final approval, just like with any application for a vehicle loan.

  • Gather necessary information. When you are ready to apply, be prepared to provide your employment and annual income along with basic identity information.
  • Choose a loan product. After exploring the site, determine which loan product you are interested in.
  • Apply. Follow the prompts depending on if you are a member yet or not.  
  • If you choose to use the available PenFed car buying service, do the following: 
  • Search for your vehicle. Check out the extensive online inventory of both new and used cars. 
  • Get preapproved. Once setting your sights on a vehicle connect with a certified dealer to ensure membership pricing.
  • Apply online. Once your online application has been submitted, connect with PenFed over the phone to finalize your loan and receive your check and loan documents.
  • Visit the dealer. Give the vehicle a test drive and inform the dealership you have already been approved by PenFed. 

PenFed Customer service

PenFed boasts of offering in-person, telephone, and email customer care. Particularly, the 24/7 support center enables agents to respond to your loan application-related queries. PenFed can be reached at 724-473-6333 if you need assistance over the phone.

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