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Philippines Visa | How to Apply for Philippines Visa 2022

Philippines Visa | Philippines Visa Fees | Types of Philippines Visa | Requirements for Philippines Visa | Application Form for Philippines Visa | How to apply for Philippines Visa…See more details below.

Philippines Visa

Philippines Visa

Philippines, also known as the‘Republic of the Philippines’, the Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia. The country is positioned in the western Pacific ocean and is made up of about 7,641 islets, which are astronomically distributed under three geographical divisions videlicet – Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

The country, which is abundant with natural coffers, has some of the world’s topmost biodiversity. Given this, the country is one of the ten most biologically megadiverse countries. The strands, islands, rainforests, mountains, and diving spots are the most popular excursionists’destinations in the country.

Still, you would be demanded to use a Philippine visa, If you want to witness the beautiful geography of the Philippines. Below are the necessary conditions for a Philippine visa.

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Philippines Visa Fees

On application for a Philippine Visa, a processing and issuance fee for the visa application will be required from the applicant. Below are the required fee for each visa type:

Types of Philippines VisaAmount
=”>Single Entry valid for 3 months (Restricted Nationals)Rs.3,160
=”>Single Entry valid for 3 months =”>(Other Nationals)Rs.2,370
=”>Multiple Entry Valid for 6 months (Restricted Nationals)Rs.6,320
=”>Multiple Entry Valid for 6 months =”>(Other Nationals)Rs.4,740
=”>Multiple Entry Valid for 1 year=”> (Restricted Nationals)Rs.9,480
=”>Multiple Entry Valid for 1 year (Other Nationals)Rs.7,110
=”>Transit Visa ( Restricted Nationals)=”>Rs.3,160
Transit Visa =”>(Other Nationals)Rs.1,580
=”>Student VisaRs.19,750
Pre-Arranged Employment VisaRs.31,600
=”>Special Non-Immigrant VisaRs.31,600

Types of Philippines Visa

The Philippines issues different types of visa to aspirants. The types of visa which can be applied for are mentioned below;

Tourist Visa
Religious Visa
Business Visa
Transit Visa
Diplomatic Visa
Student Visa
Pre-Arranged Employment Visa
Special Non-Immigrant Visa
Temporary Visitor’s Visa with a pending application for a working visa or dependents visa.

Requirements for Philippines Visa

The basic requirements that you need to fulfil in order to apply for a Philippine visa are listed below:

  • The visa application form must be filled up fully and legibly completed in English.
  • One passport size photograph.
  • Bank statements for the last six months duly stamped and signed by a bank officer.
  • The original passport that has a validity of at least six months.
  • Photocopy of the data and amendment pages in the passport.
  • ‘Demand Draft’ drawn from any bank having a branch in New Delhi which is payable to ‘Embassy of the Philippines’.
  • Note: It needs to be mentioned that additional documents may be needed to be submitted. Refer to the official website of the ‘Embassy of the Philippines’ in India to know more.

How to apply for Philippines Visa

If you wish to apply for a Philippine visa, it can be done in the ways mentioned below:

  • ””>In person
  • ””>Through a travel agency
  • ””>Apply from other countries

To apply for a Philippine visa in person, you need to visit the authorities present at the consular section of the Philippines Embassy located in New Delhi or the available/ present in the Philippine Consulates located in Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. They would guide you through the entire process that needs to be followed in order to apply for Philippine visas.

A Philippine visa can also be applied for through a estimable trip agency.
To apply through a trip agency, you must download the visa operation form, properly fill it up, give the necessary documents and charges and submit the same to the officers of the trip agency.
Once the operation is submitted at the agency, the operation is encouraged to the Philippine Embassy located in New Delhi for processing.

Indian citizens can apply for a Philippine visa from other countries as well. When I say from a different country it means from the place of legal home. In case, you visit the Philippine Embassy or Consulates, do as asked by the officers present there.

General Visa Application Policies of Philippines Visa

When applying for a Philippine visa, there are certain procedures that need to be paid attention to. As similar, the procedures are listed below:

  • Indian citizens need to get themselves a visa to enter the Philippines anyhow of the duration of stay.
  • Indian citizens holding a tactful/ Functionary passport who are visiting the Philippines for lower than 30 days are exempted from having to apply for a Philippine visa.
  • No legal right is attached to a Philippine visa.
  • A temporary caller’s visa for Pleasure ( single entry or multiple entries for 6 months) or Business ( single entry, multiple entries for 6 months or multiple entries for 1 time) can be applied for by Indian citizens.
  • Visa applications filed by aspirants are subject to evaluation and cleared by the Philippine consular officer.
  • The bare submission of the fundamental and other conditions requested by the Consular officer doesn’t guarantee that a visa would be granted.
  • owning a Philippine visa doesn’t guarantee entry into the country.
  • Admitting a foreign civil into the Philippines is the function of the Immigration authorities at the harborage of entry.
  • As all information on any visa operation and its status are kept in strict confidence, telephonic inquiries on the status of a visa operation won’t be entertained.

Application Form for Philippines Visa

The operation form which needs to be filled up and submitted to the authorities can be downloaded from the authorized website of the‘Embassy of the Philippines’. To download the form, follow the way mentioned below;

⦁ Visit the official website
⦁ Select ‘Visa Information’ under the ‘Consular’ drop-down ==>”menu.
⦁ Select ‘Visa Forms’ under the section ‘Visa Information and Services++”<’.
⦁ This opens the application form in a new tab.
⦁ Finally, Download the form on the Computer/Laptop.

Philippine Visa Application Status

There is n’t a way to check the status of a Philippine visa application. Still, it needs to be mentioned then that the information on the status and/ or result of a visa operation will be given only to the aspirant or the authorized representative on the day indicated on the claim end given at the time when the visa application form was admitted.

Processing Time for Philippines Visa

The time is taken to reprocess an operation for a Philippine visa generally takes around 10 days.
Reasons for denial of a Philippine Visa Application.

”>>+The visa application for a Philippine visa can be rejected on grounds similar as;

  • Basic and other conditions weren’t submitted.
  • Still, or prove he/ she is having sufficient fiscal means to support himself/ herself in the country and a clear intention of honouring the status of the temporary visitant’s visa, If the aspirant doesn’t prove that he/ she has stout economic or family ties to the home country.
  • Pending documents weren’t submitted within the 5- day awaiting period.
  • Fraudulent supporting documents were submitted.
  • On doubt of misrepresentation.
  • A contrast between the data on the operation form and other affiliated supporting documents.
  • Still,pre-arranged employment or a specialnon-immigrant visa, If a temporary visitant’s visa is applied for when the correct order of visa that needs to be applied for are – scholar visa.
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