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Scientific Prayer at The Altar | Government of the North, Government of the East, Government of the South & Government of the West…See more details below.



Oh Jehovah, EHIEH, EHIEH, EHIEH, I, thy son/daughter thy chosen servant, to whom you have given the privileged of becoming a co-worker with the masters of wisdom and all thy angels; do earnestly ask that I may have wisdom and POWER and courage and humility to carry me through the work of Divine Science.

I do open my heart that the Divine LOVE of the master may fill me; that All irritation, inharmony and slothfulness may be transmuted into Love that shall draw me closer in UNITY to all my fellow workers both seen and unseen —Amen.

That I may solidly and absolutely grow to become one with the force of wisdom and COMPASSION that is SENTFORTH to accomplish the Great work for humanity.

Lord, give me all things necessary that there may be no hampering conditions in my life. Lead me through this day, in the Name of the Divine Everlasting Christ that the will of the father may be done in me forever more-Amen.

Oh Living WORD, particle of God in man/women the creative flame, Emanation of God-He, the God of gods, imprint therefore the pattern, the image of my thought so that it may grow from strength into action and be the result of what we all desire.

In Jesus NAME-Amen.


FATHER LORD – you are King INVISIBLE, who takes the EARTH as a support, and does farrow the ABYSSES to fill them with thine OMNIPOTENCE. Thou whose Name shakes the VAULTS of the world. Thou who causes the SEVEN METALS to flow through the VEINS of the Rock.

Thou art the MONARCH of the SEVEN LIGHTS and the Rewarder of the subterranean Toilers.

We solicit that you lead us unto the desirable AIR, and to the Realm of splendour, we are watching, and working, unremittingly – we are seeking and hoping that by the powers of the TWELVE STONES of the HOLY City and the POLE OF LOADSTONE which pass through the Centre of the world – we are heard and answered:




Have pity on those who suffer, Expand the heart Detach and Elevate our Mind, Enlarge our entire beings. For you are stability and motion, you are the day clothed with mightiness, you are the Darkness VEILED by splendour, you are the Master – who never keeps back the wages of the Labourers. You are the silver whiteness and the golden splendour. You are the crown of the living and Medodious Diamonds. You are he, who wears the Heaven on your finger like a Sapphere Ring. You are he, who conceals under earth in the stone Kingdom the marvelous seed of stars.

May you live and Reign and the eternal dispenser of perfect health, youthfulness, beauty, happiness, success, abundant supply, peace of mind and the Tranquility of the heart – in Christs’ Name. Amen.


I am calling you spirits of Light and wisdom, whose breath can give and take away the form of all things.

In thy presence, the life of every Being is just a shadow which transforms and a vapour which passes a way. You are the spirit that ascends the clouds and do also fly upon the wings of the wind.

Thou who can breathe to fill the limitless immensities with people.

You who can draw in and all which come forth from thee also returns to thee.

You are the endless movement in the Eternal stability, Be thou blessed forever —Amen.

In this Empire of the created lights, shadows, reflections and images, you receive all your blessings.

I now desire and aspire even without tiredness, your immutable and imperishable splendour, may the Ray of your Divine intelligence and the warmth of thy love now descend on this/these candidate, let that which was difficult to now become easy, what was volatile shall now become fixed. The shaky position shall now become steady.

Good dreams shall come to his/her consciousness; good spirit of the Air shall now recide your soul, your bones and marrows.

You shan’t be swept away anymore before the wild tempest, but shall control the winged steeds of the morning and guide the course of the evening WINDS,

You are the spirit of all spirits Eternal soul of all souls. You are the imperishable Breath of life, you are the creative sign, and you are the mouth that can send out your power to draw back the life of all beings in the ebb and flow of thy eternal speech. This speech is the Divide ocean of movement and of great truth-Amen.





Great Master you are Immortal and Eternal, ineffable & uncreated Father of all things who art born upon the ever-rolling chariot of worlds which revolve unceasingly.

You are the Lord of Ethereal Immensities, where the throne of thy power is EXALTED. You can see every problem of thy children from thy divine height through thy Terrible EYES. You can also hear everything through your Holy Ears – my Lord, please harken and listen to thy children, that you have promised to love and help before the ages began. Kindly let your Golden Grand, Eternal Majesty shine above the Worlds and Heaven of the stars where you are absolutely being exalted.

You are the glittering fire – you can use thy flaming SWORD to defend the course of the just. Pour therefore from thy divine abode that inexhaustible streams of Light and Power for the nourishment of thine infinite spirit which is also within the body of this candidate. Let this nourishment form that inexhaustible treasure   of substance which is ever ready for the generation which will adapt it and the forms which have impressed on it from the beginning.

From these divine forces, there are three most holy angels who do surround thy throne and constitute thy court because their origin is from thee.

You are the Universal Father, you are the sole Father of both blessed mortals and immortals. In particular my lord, you have created powers which are marvelously like your Eternal thought and adorable Essence. Thou have established these powers higher than the Angels who proclaim your WILL to the universe. Finally, my good spiritual Master, you have created human being third Rank, within the elementary empire. In this empire, our unceasing exercise is to praise thee, and adore thy good pleasure and to be continually burn with the aspiration to possess thee.

Oh Lord, you are the Father and Mother of thy creatures, and most tender of all mothers you are also the admirable Archetype of Maternity and of pure love. You express yourself in flowers, all forms of life, souls, spirits, harmony and in numbers.

Thank you Lord. In Jesus Name… Amen.


My Lord, let there be a firmament in the midst of waters, and let it divide the WATERS from the waters, for the things which are above are like unto things which are below; and things below here are exactly like unto things above, for the performance of WONDERS of one thing.

The SUN is Its Father, the MOON its mother – the WIND hath carried it in the belly thereof. It ascends from Earth here to the Heavens above – and again descends from Heaven down to the Earth here.

I do exercise thee creature of water – so that you may become a mirror of the Living God in your activities to mankind and a symbol of the forgiveness of SIN.

PRAYER: Dread king of the sea who hast the keys of the Floodgates of Heaven; who can confine the WATERS of the underworld in CAVERNS of Earth. You are the king of the dulge and floods of the springtime. Thou who can UNSEAL the sources of all Rivers and Fountains – Thou who ordain moisture, which is like the blood of the Earth to become the sap of plants. I adore and call upon thee to speak unto me, thine inconstant and unstable creature; in the great TUMULTS of the sea and I shall tremble before thee.

You can speak unto us also in the MURMUR of the lipid waters and shah yearn for thy Love.

You are immensity into which flows ail Rivers of Life.

You are an ocean of infinite perfection. It is the Height which reflects thee the depth. And it is also the depth that exhales to the Height.

Lead us therefore unto TRUE LIFE, by intelligence and love; lead us also to immortality by sacrifice that we may be found worthy one day to offer thee water and tears for the REMISSION of all our sins – Amen in Jesus Name.

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