Significance of Rights and Obligations in Nigeria

Significance of Rights and Obligations in Nigeria | obligations of a Citizen, Roles and Duties of Constituted Authorities and Government to the people of Nigeria, The Duties and roles of Constituted Authorities…See more details below.

Significance of Rights and Obligations in Nigeria

Significance of Rights and Obligations in Nigeria

Obligations of Citizens: Similarly, to the rights of citizens, the constitution also governs the obligations of citizens. The citizens of other countries and stateless person are likewise obliged to comply with the constitutional order in Estonia. The primary obligations of citizens are that they must submit to the constitutional order and take part in national defence. Male Estonian citizen of a certain age obliged to serve in the defence forces.


masculine Estonian citizen of a certain age obliged to serve in the defence forces. Males who refuse to serve in the defence forces must pass indispensable service rather. During an exigency or war time, citizens may be needed to assume added scores in the interests of public security and the public order. As a last resort, every citizen has the right to take up arms in order to repel an attempt to violently lessen the indigenous order.

Rights of Citizens: Are set forth in the constitution of the democracy of Estonia above all they’re the rights to the protection of the state( Including when abroad), security of person, self- expression and political rights. Citizen status confers not only the right to state and legal protection but also the right to defend the state, to become a an accredited voter and to form political parties.

Citizens have the following obligations:

  1. To submit to the constitutional order
  2. To take part in the national defence if they are male and 16-60years of age.
  3. To take care of their children and family members in need of assistance.
  4. To be a accountable retainer of their living terrain and natural terrain and to requital damage done to the terrain.

Roles and Duties of Constituted Authorities and Government to the people of Nigeria

Individualities and group of people that grip positions of power are said to be constituted authority if they correctly grip the position legitimately.
The suggested condition necessary to grip the position is by election or by appointment and if this condition is met, also the person or group of persons could be regarded as a constituted authority. [Roles and Duties of Constituted Authorities and Government]

The head of the National Assembly is a constituted authority because he rightly occupies the position legitimately through the votes of the electorate.
The Rector of the polytechnic is a constituted authority as he was duly appointed by the president, who is a visitor to the school.

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This maybe explains why military government aren’t a constituted authority as they are devoid of the necessary conditions needed to enthrall the office they seized as they aren’t honored by the constitution, they aren’t suggested by the people they came to govern; hence they are devoid of legality.

The Duties and roles of Constituted Authorities

  1. To operate within the frame of the regulations setting up their associations.
    Constituted authorities must cleave rigorously to the regulation which gave them power. The president of the confederation isn’t anticipated to do anything outside the constitution that empowers him.
  2. To lead by showing good examples: Constitution authority must be an aggregate of good behaviour which the people can emulate. Constituted authority must not only be heard of preaching norms or ideas of good behaviour but must be seen to be epitome of good behaviour.
  3. To Eschew Corruption: Constitution authority must eschew corruption, nepotism, favourism and all other negative things that may portray him in bad light.
  4. To show transparent honesty: It is also expected for constituted authorities to show transparency in their dealing with people.
  5. To be fair and just: There should be no form of discriminating in dealing of constituted authority with the people.
  6. To utilize Resources Constituted authority should harness mortal and material coffers of the country for social and profitable development.
  7. Accountability: Ssince those in authority derive their power from the people, it goes to say that they must give account of their tenure to the people. This will make the people to access their efficiency and effectiveness.


still, also this present generation and generations yet future will continue in enjoying the Nigerian heritage of life and liberty as well as the pursuit of concurrence and happiness, If Nigerian citizens will pledge themselves of performing all the civil liabilities and their obligation as owed to the Nigerian state.

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