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Stanford University Acceptance Rate & Admission Requirements

Stanford University Acceptance Rate | Stanford University is an institution located in Stanford, California. This composition will explore the institution’s current transfer acceptance rate,G.P.A/S.A.T/A.C. T conditions, Admission conditions, and statistics. These will help you estimate your chances of admission.

Stanford University Acceptance Rate

About Stanford University

Stanford University is a private exploration university sitting on acres in California. It’s one of the largest premises in the United States of America.

The institution’s prestige evolves around its first- rate Education and rich history in sports. Stanford’s varsity platoon has won 296 Olympic orders and 155 public crowns, including 128 NCAA titles, further than any other university.

Stanford University is ranked# 2 in Stylish Undergraduate Engineering Programs,# 6 in National Universities,# 6 in Best Colleges for Stagers,# 7 in Utmost Innovative Seminaries,# 8 in Aerospace/ Aeronautical/ Astronautical,# 9 in Stylish Value Seminaries,# 13 in Stylish Undergraduate Tutoring,# 249 in Top Players on Social Mobility.

Stanford is one of the oldest private universities in the United States of America and seats on a vast area of acres of land. It was innovated in 1885 and officially opened in 1891. it’s a exploration- acquainted community and home to faculty and scholars. Stanford was established to be nonsectarian,co-educational, and affordable and concentrated on tutoring traditional liberal arts, technology, and engineering.

Moment, Stanford University boasts of the achievements of its scholars and faculty likewise in terms of innumerous inventions and awards it has entered over the last glories. In addition, it generally ranks top 5, at most top 10 in the National University ranking lists. Stanford Alumni are given good recognition in the workspace. According to Payscale, the early career payment for Stanford graduates is an emotional$ 83,500, while themid-career payment is around$ 161,400.

7 schools in Stanford University:

    School of medicine
    School of Law
    School of Education
    Graduate school of Education
    Graduate school of Business
    School of Engineering
    School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences
    School of Humanities and Sciences

Stanford scholars always make a difference for good worldwide. The academy will goad you to try new effects and ameliorate your mind and life outside of academics.

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Rankings and Achievement of Stanford University

It’ll be insolvable to punctuate all the achievements and awards that Stanford University has accumulated over the last glories. Below are a many notable ones

#2 in the World, 2011-2021Academic Ranking of World Universities.
#3 in the world, 2022 Q.S…World University Ranking
#3 Times Higher EducationWorld University Rankings
#3 U.S… News Best Global UniversitiesGlobal
#4 Forbes Magazine’s List of America’s Best CollegesAmerica’s Best Colleges
#4 The Wall Street Journal Higher Education College Rankings2021
Home to 20 living Nobel laureates 
4 Pulitzer Prize Winners 
3 Kavli Prize Laureates 
A teaming community of scholars in various disciplines. 

Stanford University transfer acceptance rate

The acceptance rate at Stanford University presently stands at1.15. This shows that Stanford is a largely competitive place, and to get admission as a transfer pupil, you’ll need to be scrupulous about all the conditions and have an emotionalG.P.A …

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Application Deadline for Stanford University Transfer Students

The application deadline at Stanford varies. The various deadlines are:

    Application with or without optional Arts Portfolio Deadline March 15

 Materials for Arts PortfolioDeadline March 20
Last Acceptable S.A.T…Test Date December
Later Acceptable A.C.T…Test Date February
Decision Released DateMay 15
Student Reply DateJune 1

What are the Stanford University transfer S.A.T/A.C. T conditions?

A.C.T. orS.A.T.; jotting/ essay aren’t needed. Stanford suspended these tests in June 2021. But, if you wish to shoot your sanctioned scores, you can do that.

Stanford will accept scores from both the oldS.A.T. and the newS.A.T. The University will review them, either tone- reported or sanctioned scores.

Still, you’ll be needed to shoot your sanctioned scores, If you qualify for admission at Stanford University and accept to study there. Your sanctioned scores must be transferred directly from the College Board or theA.C.T.However, your admission may be rescinded, If your tone- reported scores do n’t census with your authorized score.

Stanford Test Codes number:


Note There are no minimal test scores needed to be admitted to Stanford University. Operations are reviewed holistically. In substance, Stanford university gets to know you better from every element of the operation transferred.

What are the Stanford University transfer G.P.A. requirements?

A minimum G.P.A. of 3.7 is needed from each candidate.

Overview of Admission Statistics for the Class of 2023

Total Applicants:47,498
Total Admits:2,062
Total Enrolled:1,701

First-Year enrolled student overview.

78home countries and 48 U.S. states are represented
11.8%International citizens from 64 countries
18.5%First-generation college students.
School type- Public: 59%, Private:27%.
Home School: <1%
S.A.T. Middle50% Test Scores
S.A.T. Math Section: 740-800
S.A.T. Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 700-770
A.C.T>> Middle 50%
Test ScoresA.C.T. Composite: 32-35

Fees and Education at Stanford University

Tuition at Stanford is paid every quarter. The average undergraduate Education is$. Freights comprise several payments. The payments include

A nonrefundable operation figure of$ 90. This varies depending on the kind of program that you’re interested in.

ASSU (The Associated Scholars of Stanford University) freights are outstanding for four diggings but can be waived grounded on certain conditions.

Undergraduates-$ 174 per quarter
Graduate Scholars-$ 45 per quarter

Document Figure It’s a one- time payment for all scholars admitted to a new degree ornon-degree program. This figure is paid formerly only, irrespective of the number of degrees a pupil may eventually pursue.

Campus Health Fee 2021-2022 is$ 232 per quarter. It covers utmost of the services handed by Vaden Health Centre, including primary care medical visits, cerebral evaluation and short- term remedy at Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS), and health and heartiness programs.

Health Insurance

Special freights Depends on your program, including laboratory freights, course freights, etc. Click then for further details.

What are the Stanford University transfer operation conditions?

Transfer scholars come from all walks of life. Hence, they may have taken a different path to their undergraduate studies.

It’s essential to determine your eligibility for transfer admission through the following Stanford University conditions

Note The operation process is the same anyhow of citizenship or country of hearthstone.


  • You must have completed high academy and council credit courses in an associate or bachelorette’s degree program. (Two semesters or three- diggings of full- time registration, banning summer sessions. This demand excludesA.P. credit, credit awarded by test, and council courses that you took during high academy.)
  • Stanford accepts either a Coalition Operation or a Common Operation.
  • The operation figure is$ 90; it’s a nonrefundable operation figure. You can, still, request a figure disclaimer.
  • You must submit your sanctioned high academy paraphrase. Kindly note the following
  • Your high academy must submit your sanctioned high academy paraphrase with your scale date on it.
  • You must submit sanctioned paraphrase (s) from every council/ university attended.
  • Still, similar asA-Levels or I, If you have to leaveexams.B., results from the International high academy you attended, you must submit the scores.
  • Still, you may shoot a dupe of your high academy parchment, a document that indicates you have graduated from high academy, If you’re having challenges carrying your high academy paraphrase.
  • Insure you request sanctioned reiterations from every council/ university attended.
  • Amid-term grade report isn’t needed for transfer admission.
  • Still, you must submit sanctioned clones of your original reiterations and schoolteacher evaluations, If you’re from aNon-English-Speaking School.
  • You must restate all documents into English and give clones of the restated documents with your operation.
  • You may not complete restatements; it’s judicious to use other coffers, similar as English preceptors or academy directors, to give similar restatements.
  • According to Faculty Senate policy, the transfer of Credits is constantly reviewed and awarded by the Stanford University Office of the University Registrar. You must complete all transfer coursework at an accredited degree- granting institution. Stanford doesn’t consider coursework completed in vocational, specialized, performance, or professional programs. Your course will only admit transfer credit if it meets the ensuing conditions
  • It’s completed at an accredited institution.
  • It’s substantially analogous to courses offered at Stanford
  • It’s completed with a grade of C-or better
  • It doesn’t indistinguishable, overlay or revert former coursework.
  • You’re needed to submit College Report. It’s a completed form by a academy functionary furnishing information about your standing at your current or most recent institution. Kindly note that
  • Your academic doyen, counsel, or another academy director must enter your councilG.P.A. and information regarding your academic standing at the institution in the report.
  • You’re needed to submit letters of recommendation from two academic preceptors. Kindly note that
  • One of the two letters must be from a council professor.
  • Your recommender should include your full legal name, academy name, and date of birth at the top of the letter.

The Common or Coalition Application Personal Statement

Stanford University requires your statement; it’s located in the Stanford Questions section of the Transfer Common Operation. The question states that you give a statement that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objects you hope to achieve. Your statement should be a outside of 650 words.

Short Essays

You’re needed to write a short essay on each of the following three motifs-

  • Show an idea or experience that makes you authentically agitated about literacy.
  • Write a note to your coming roommate to help your roommate and Stanford get to know you better.
  • How do you define family, and what benefactions have you made to yours?
  • Talk about commodity meaningful to you and why.
  • There’s a 100- word minimum and a 250- word outside for each essay. You must choose one or two of the listed prompts for the alternate essay. Note that your statement and essays responses will help Stanford university understand your gests, ideas, perceptivity, reasons for transferring to Stanford, your coming pretensions, and your favorite conditioning and interests.
  • Note Insure you use a valid dispatch, as you’ll admit an operation acknowledgment dispatch from Stanford University once your operation has been reused.
  • Constantly cover your Stanford gate to track the damage of all needed accoutrements.
  • Add Stanford University’s dispatch-admissions@stanford.edu to your safe senders’list or dispatch address.
  • You can apply with further than two times of coursework from a former institution.
  • To attain a bachelorette’s degree from Stanford University, you’re needed to complete at least two times of full- time registration.

What’s the cost of attendance at Stanford University?

The cost of attendance at Stanford University is$ 74,570. Then’s the breakdown below

Room and Board$16,433
Books and Supplies$1,245
Other Fees $672
Other Expenses Budget$3,363

Anyhow of the below freights, you may end up paying significantly less due to the University’s multitudinous fiscal support channels.

What’s pupil life like at Stanford University?

Still, you ca n’t apply to any specific major department or program at Stanford University, If you’re a first- timekeeper. You’ll need to explore different interests for two times before picking a major by the end of your sophomore time.

Down from academics, you can join any of the seven Community Centers to explore your identity and learn about the gests of others who come from further than 70 countries and all the 50 United States.

There’s also no fear of limited accommodation. The University’s domestic system ensures twelve complete or partial diggings of the academic time, lot casing to entering first- time scholars; all first- time scholars must live on lot. Transfer scholars are assured nine full or partial diggings.

You’re automatically registered to a Union called Associated Scholars of Stanford University (ASSU) at Stanford. The ASSU represents the interests and requirements of Stanford scholars, lawyers for them on important issues, and strives to ameliorate the quality of pupil life.

In conclusion, the main criterion for admission to Stanford University is academic excellence. The University verifies your medication and eventuality to succeed in your academic record and will only admit you if you have a rigorous and balanced class.

Does Stanford Accept transfer scholars?

Stanford admits a small number of transfer scholars each time. It does this in confluence with the office of the University Registrar and applicable review bodies.

How hard is it to transfer to Stanford from a community council?

Stanford is one of the high- ranking and competitive seminaries in the United States. Transferring to Stanford is attainable, but you’ll have to show a high position of Academic Excellence to gauge through. The acceptance rate presently stands at1.15

What G.P.A is demanded for Stanford?

A3.96 GPA is demanded for consideration at Stanford as a transfer pupil. You have to be among the top 75th percentile to stand a chance.

How do I transfer to Stanford?

To transfer to Stanford, you’ll bear an sanctioned paraphrase from attended sodalities, a minimalG.P.A …. of3.5,S.A.T …. scores, letters of recommendation, essays, operation freights, interviews, and other conditions. Click then for full details.

Does Stanford accept transfer credits?

You can request transfer credit for university- position coursework completed outside Stanford. There are veritably specific conditions that must be met for credit transfer. Click then to see.

About Stanford’s Seven Community Centers.

It’s a center created for scholars to explore their identity, ameliorate academically, get support from university staff and peers, connect to a broader community, and learn about others’ gests. Each center has its charge, and it’s devoted to Asian American, Black, LatinX, Queer, Muslim, and Native American scholars and all women on lot.

Can you submit your Advanced Placement test scores?

Still, you could tone- report your scores in the operation, If you took Advanced Placementexams.However, you could report your loftiest score, If you took the test further than formerly.

About Stanford University fiscal aid

You can apply for the University’s fiscal aid via one of their websites-financialaid.stanford.edu. Stanford will estimate your operation before a final decision is reached. You may reapply if you submitted smaller than three operations to Stanford. You can only reapply thrice, whether as an undergraduate, beginner or, transfer.

Does Stanford super score test results?

Stanford desires you to have the stylish of your test scores. It’ll estimate your results according to the following rubric

Stanford will review all subscores and concentrate on the loftiest compound from all sittings forA.C.T. It’ll concentrate and super score your loftiest substantiation- grounded reading, jotting, and calculation scores from all test sittings.

About Stanford University fiscal aid

Stanford University desires to meet admitted scholars’ fiscal requirements anyhow of citizenship.

You’re to request fiscal aid during the operation process. Fornon-U.S citizens, legal endless residers, or undocumented scholars, requesting fiscal backing will be a factor in the University’s admission evaluation.

Meanwhile, fiscal aid coffers are limited for transnational citizens.

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