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Truist Bank Sign Up | Customers that live close to one of Truist Bank’s almost 2,500 locations in the South, East, or Midwest are the greatest candidates.

Additionally, the bank has more than 3,500 ATMs.

About Truist Bank

Truist Bank Sign Up

The 2019 merger of BB&T and SunTrust banks resulted in the creation of Truist. It provides a selection of financial products, such as certificates of deposit and checking and savings accounts.

More than 2,500 Truist Bank locations may be found in states primarily in the South, as well as in Indiana, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia. North Carolina’s Charlotte serves as the bank’s corporate headquarters.

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Truist Bank Review

For account users under 23 who attend school close to one of the bank’s branches or ATMs, there is no monthly cost for the Truist Student Checking account.

  • As long as you receive a qualifying direct deposit of at least $500 each month, you won’t be charged a monthly service fee for the Truist Bright Checking account.
  • The Truist Online Savings account is open to almost everyone and has no minimum deposit requirement or monthly service cost.

Truist Bank Checking accounts

The Truist Bright Checking account, one of Truist’s four checking accounts, received a score for this rating. It only costs $50 to open, but unless a minimum daily balance of $1,500 is kept up or a monthly direct deposit of $500 or more is made, there is a $12 monthly fee.

Consider the Truist Bank’s Student Checking account, which has no minimum initial deposit requirement and no monthly service cost for students attending colleges close to an ATM. Students must be under the age of 23 to qualify.

Truist Bank Savings accounts

There is no minimum deposit required to start a Truist Online Savings account, and there is no monthly fee.

But the account doesn’t generate a yield that is competitive.

Its APY is lower than the national average at Bankrate.

  • For the Truist Online Savings account, there is no minimal deposit amount.
  • There are no monthly service fees for the Truist Online Savings account.

Truist Bank CD rates

  • According to its website, Truist offers CDs with periods ranging from seven days to five years. But according to Bankrate’s analysis, there are just four online periods available: six months, one year, 18 months, and two years.
  • All four balance tiers on each of these CD terms earned the same APY, which was lower than the nationwide average for Bankrate. Truist CDs feature a $1,000 minimum deposit requirement and periods ranging from 32 days to five years.
  • A $2,500 down payment is necessary for Truist’s short-term CDs (with periods ranging from seven to 31 days).

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Truist Bank Money Market Accounts

To open The Truist Money Market Account, just $100 is required. You won’t have to pay a monthly service charge as long as you maintain a daily ledger balance of at least $1,000. The account has the ability to write checks.

All six balance tiers paid the same APY at the time of Bankrate’s study, which was less than the national average.

Truist Bank Experience

Around 2,500 Truist locations can be found in 17 states and the District of Columbia. On Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern time and on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., customers can call for assistance with their accounts.

Sundays are not available for customer service, but there is a 24-hour automated helpline. The Truist app received a rating of 4.5 on iOS and 3.2 on Google Play. Customers of Truist can send and receive money via Zelle, just as many banks. Checks can be deposited using the app, and a Truist debit card can be locked.

Truist Bank Sign Up

Interested persons can Sign Up here to get access to Truist Bank online banking.

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