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UC Davis Acceptance Rate, Admission Requirements, Ranking and Tuition 2022

UC Davis Acceptance Rate | Admission Requirements, Ranking and Tuition…See more details below.

About University of California Davis

The University of California, Davis is famously known as UC Davis is a public land- entitlement exploration university located in Davis, California. The university was first innovated as an agrarian branch of the University of California system in 1905 but latterly came the seventh lot of the University of California in 1959.

The university has grown over the once century to include graduate and professional programs in medicine, veterinary drug, law, nursing, education, and business operation, in addition to 90 exploration programs offered by UC Davis Graduate Studies. The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is the largest veterinary academy in the United States and has been ranked first in the world for five successive years (2015 – 19). UC Davis also offers courses and instruments, and online classes, for grown-ups andnon-traditional learners through its Division of Continuing and Professional Education.

The university is home to over scholars, and indeed with the large size, the academy still maintains a small community feeling with a 201 pupil to faculty rate. Undergraduates at UC Davis have access to tons of top five programs, including the# 1 degrees in the nation for husbandry and veterinary medicine. As a result of its excellence, the academy is frequently known as a public Ivy League academy indeed though it isn’t an Ivy League academy.

UC Davis Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate of University of California, Davis is 39%. – In every 1000 aspirants, only 390 are accepted. This makes UC Davis veritably competitive.

UC Davis Acceptance Rate

UC Davis Campuses

Named after the City of Davis, the lot is precisely located next to the City of Davis in a distinct part of Solano and Yolo counties. The main lot is located 15 country miles west of Sacramento in the Sacramento Valley, part of California’s Central Valley. [UC Davis Campuses]

The megacity of Davis is a council city, with the rate of scholars to long- term residers estimated at 14. Davis’15- minute distance from Sacramento provides the lot with both the insulation critical to developing a council- city terrain while also furnishing a large and lively megacity area around. Although the lot itself is massive, the entire community of Davis is fairly small and is fluently traversable on bike using Davis’ expansive bike trails.

To the northeast of the lot is the Quadrangle, a large blockish field, which was the major geographic center of the lot. Before in the lot’ history, many lot structures girdled the four sides of the Quadrangle. These days, the lot has grown significantly and the geographic center of lot has shifted, but the Quadrangle remains the center of lot life.

To the north you’ll find the Memorial Union where the pupil union is, to the south is the Shields Library and to the west and southeast are Wellman and Olson halls independently. The Memorial Union Complex is home to Freeborn Hall and colorful establishments similar as the UC Davis Bookstore.

The maturity of Equestrian Center, and Animal science structures are positioned near the Arboretum Waterway, which is relatively far down from the core campus. The Silo Union, the West Entry Parking Complex, the recently constructed Science Lecture Hall, and the Science Laboratory Building are located near to the Tercero hearthstone halls, which are also closed to the University Symphony Orchestra and other artistic events.

UC West Campus

For utmost of UC Davis’ history, West Campus has primarily served as an agrarian exploration land. Lately, portions were established through a$ 300 million public-private cooperation to produce the largest zero net energy community in the United States, known as UC Davis West Village. West Village will give casing for scholars, faculty, and staff and will prop the university to retain and retain top faculty. The design will include 343 single- family homes, 662 apartments, square bases of marketable space, study installations, and a recreation center. West Village will also host the first community council on a UC campus.

The classes held in this area substantially involve factory lores, and entomology courses as well. West Campus also houses the University Airport, the California National Primate Research Center, Foundation Plant Services, and the Contained Research Facility, abio-safety position 3 installation.

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To the south side of the lot, the core is the 100-acre UC Davis Arboretum, which consists of3.5 country miles of paved paths, tree samples, Putah Creek and Lake Spafford.

UC Davis Faculties and Degree Program

UC Davis offers 102 undergraduate majors and further than 90 graduate programs. It has a Department of Viticulture and Enology ( concerning the scientific study of grape- growing and wine making) that has been and continues to be responsible for substantial advancements in winemaking applied by numerous Californian wineries.

The academy is known for its top-rated Agricultural and Resource Economics programs and the large Department of Animal Science through which scholars can study at the university’s on- lot dairy, equestrian facility, meat-processing factory, and experimental ranch.

UC Davis undergraduate majors are divided into four sodalities
UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
UC Davis College of Biological Sciences
UC Davis College of Engineering
UC Davis College of Letters and Science

The University of California Davis Graduate Programs has over 90post-graduate programs, offering master’s and doctoral degrees and post-doctoral courses. The programs educate over scholars from around the world. UC Davis has the most graduate and professional schools in the entire UC system.

UC Davis has the following graduate and professional academes;

  • UC Davis Graduate Studies
  • Graduate School of Management
  • ->School of Education
  • ->School of Law
  • ->School of Medicine
  • ->School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing

UC Davis Rankings

Ranked byRanking Position
Forbes Americas Best CollegeRanked 20th
Washington Monthly National University RankingRanked 38th
Vetinary Science University RankingsRanked 104th
QS World University RankingsRanked 2nd
Best Colleges for Your MoneyRanked 10th
Academic Ranking of World UniversitiesRanked 40th
Times Higher Education World University RankingsRanked 59th
“Coolest Schools” in America Ranked 8th

The university also has several distinguished graduate programs ranked in the top 10 in their fields by the United States National Research Council; most noteworthy are its programs in agrarian economics, evolutionary biology, entomology, plant biology, and ecology.

In addition, the NRC placed further than a third of UC Davis graduate programs in the top 25 of their separate fields.

The academy expects you to meet their conditions for GPA and SAT/ ACT scores, that being said, they’re more flexible than other schools. However, you have an excellent chance of getting in, If you beat their conditions.

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UC Davis Admission Requirement

The basic requirements for Admission into UC Davis include the underlisted:

A minimum GPA of 3.7.
SAT scores of 1160-1370 and ACT scores of 25-31.
An Essay.
Extracurricular/ Volunteer works.
Course rigour.

Aside from these, students must also meet “A to G” requirements:

This is a collection of fifteen (15) courses that are basics for admission to UC Davis:

LetterSubject Requirement 
AHistory 2 years
BEnglish4 years
CMathematics3 years
DScience 2 years language
ELanguage other than English 2 years visual vis visual visual
FVisual and performing arts1 year college
GCollege-preparatory elective1 year

At UC Davis, the scholar’s academic record is the core of the operation. Scholars must directly and fully report their coursework. It’s vital to punctuate honors courses as that will ameliorate your calculated GPA and your chance of getting in.

Along with the academic record, the admissions platoon assesses the aspirant to see if the aspirant is in the top 9 of their high academy class. So, keep that grade high and good.

The University has advised against scholars transferring letters of recommendation, and reiterations. The University won’t read or return them, so don’t shoot them or their original clones. You’ll be asked to give reiterations after you ’ve been admitted.

UC Davis Accommodation

UC Davis Student Housing has 23 hearthstone halls, totaling 29 structures which are organized into three areas Cuarto, Segundo, and Tercero.

UC Davis Student Housing is large enough to house further than Scholars. Naturally, accommodation is reserved simply for first- time scholars, whereby other scholars are needed to search for casing off- lot at apartments or rented homes.

The Cuarto housing complex which is substantially for newcomers and transfer scholars is located one block off- lot, across Russell Boulevard. Unlike the other undergraduate casing complexes, Cuarto is located within megacity limits; its residers may indeed bounce in megacity choices.

The northwest end of lot holds utmost of the Segundo undergraduate casing complex, and several indispensable casing spots, similar as Russell Park, Orchard Park, The Colleges at LaRue Apartments, and Primero Grove.

The Tercero undergraduate casing complex is positioned near the geographic center of the UC Davis lot, to the north of the Arboretum Waterway. This extends through nearly the wholeness of the south end of lot. Solano Park, UC Davis’ family casing complex, is located near to the Arboretum Waterway, at the Eastern end of lot.

UC Davis Tuition Fees

I’m going to give further thorough information on UC Davis freights for you to make a more-informed decision.

Student ExpenseLiving on-campus (residence hall)Living on-campus (apartments)Living Off-campusLiving at home
Tuition & fees$14,646$14,646$14,646$14,646
Books & supplies$1,197$1,197$1,197$1,197
Room & board$17,018$15,335$11,551$7,116
Personal expenses$1,383$1,383$1,434$1,813
Health Insurance$2,757$2,757$2,757$2,757
Total Costs for California Residents$37,604$35,921$32,585$29,547
Nonresident SuppIemental tuition$29,754$29,754$29,754$29,754
Total Costs for nonresidents$67,358$65,675$62,339$59,301

Tuition and fees have lived set irrespective of the system of instruction and wo n’t be refunded in the event instruction occurs ever for any part of the Academic Year. Numbers for education and freights represented in the table may not be final. Factual education and freights are subject to change by the University of California system as determined to be necessary or applicable. Final approved education and figure situations could differ from the quantities presented.

The University of California Regents dictates that all scholars have health insurance. UC Davis automatically registers all scholars in the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP). Still, they must apply for a UC SHIP disclaimer by the date specified for their academy, If scholars have insurance and do n’t want to be enrolled in UC SHIP.

Tips on Perfecting Your Chances of Getting into UC Davis

High GPA Score

Have a minimal GPA of4.0. GPA and course rigor account as factors UC Davis considers “ veritably important” to admissions opinions. The average high academy GPA of UC Davis’s class of 2025 is4.0 and64.7 of the class had a4.0 in high academy. Also, aspirants to UC Davis have completed a minimum of five AP classes.

Picky schools, like UC Davis, that admit vast figures of aspirants every time use a tool called Academic Index — a distillation of your academic performance into a single number — to ease the admissions process. However, you might be academically disqualified and your application might not be given serious consideration, If you fail to meet UC Davis’s Academic Index standard.

Test scores do n’t influence admissions at UC Davis, so the stylish way to ameliorate your Academic Indicator for UC Davis or any UC system is to ameliorate your GPA.

Write Attractive Essays.

After meeting UC Davis’s academic demand, another way to set yourself piecemeal from other aspirants is with essays, which by the way is the only other admissions factor UC Davis deems “veritably important.” All UC System schools require aspirants to answer four essay questions from a selection of eight prompts

  • Describe an illustration of your leadership experience in which you have appreciatively told others, helped resolve controversies, or contributed to group sweats over time.
  • Every person has a creative side, and it can be expressed in numerous ways problem- working, original and innovative thinking, and art, to name a many. Give your creativity description.
  • What would you say is your topmost gift or skill? How have you developed and demonstrated that gift over time?
  • Describe how you have taken advantage of a significant educational occasion or worked to overcome an educational hedge you have faced.
  • Describe the most significant challenge you have faced and the way you have taken to overcome this challenge. How has this challenge affected your academic achievement?
  • Suppose about an academic subject that inspires you. Describe how you have fostered this interest outside and/ or outside of the classroom.
  • What have you done to make your academy or your community a better place?
  • Beyond what has formerly been participated in your operation, what do you believe makes you stand out as a strong seeker for admission to the University of California?

You should always remember that nearly every aspirant to UC Davis is astonishing academically, so you must use essays to distinguish yourself from other campaigners.

A strong college essay is should be written in your unique voice, highlight why you’re a great fit at that academy, and how that academy will profit from having you on lot.

Cultivate one or two League 1-2 extracurriculars.

Extracurricular conditioning, along with the capability they demonstrate, are both considered “important” factors in UC Davis admissions opinions. To catch the eye of the admissions commission, you’ll want to have a largely advanced interest known as a “shaft” along with one or two supporting extracurricular conditioning that show a high position of achievement or leadership.

Some extracurricular conditioning are more impressive to colleges than others. The rarer your exertion the better your chances.

SAT and ACT Score – Score Goal of 1370 SAT and 31 ACT.

The middle 50 SAT score at UC Davis is 1160-1370 and 25-31 for the ACT. Having sturdy test scores is a quality participated by the maturity of UC Davis scholars.

Test scores are used to determine admissibility for the California statewide admissions, as a cover for fulfilling minimal requirements for eligibility, or course placement after you enroll

UC Davis Deadline

UC Davis, and other seminaries in the UC system, use the UC operation. The deadline to submit your UC Davis operation is November 30 and decision announcements are shot on March 31.

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