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UC Merced Acceptance Rate | Admission Requirements 2022/2023

UC Merced Acceptance Rate | For the veritably first time in UC Merced history, all beginner aspirants are guaranteed a space and only need to submit one operation for admission. On this blog, you’re going to learnt about the UC Merced acceptance rate and admission conditions for incoming newcomers in 2022. But first, lets have a quick overview.

UC Merced overview

UC Merced is the oldest university in California and the alternate-oldest public university in theU.S. It was established in 1853 as the University of California, where it has remained ever ago. The university is a comprehensive exploration university, with ten undergraduate and graduate seminaries and award- winning professional seminaries in engineering, husbandry, armature, business administration, music, and more.

UC Merced is a public university primarily in Merced, California but also with campuses in San Francisco and Santa Barbara. It’s the newest lot of the University of California and it’s located in Merced, California, USA. It was innovated as a result of a junction between four preliminarily separate sodalities and seminaries.

UC Merced Acceptance Rate

The first council on its current point was innovated in 1872 as the State Normal School, latterly renamed California State Normal School (California State Preceptors College) at Fresno. It was granted university status by the Carnegie Foundation in 1928 and renamed California State College at Fresno. In 1965, it came an independent institution, California State College at Hayward, before being renamed again in 1968 to California State College at San Bernadino. The council’s name was changed to California State University at Fresno in 1972.

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In 2001, the university intermingled with the also-University of California, the lot at Merced to form the University of California system’s newest lot. In 2005, it entered its current name and repositioned to its present position on 1 November 2006.

Hereby, UC Merced was innovated in 2005. It’s the newest of the University of California’s 10 premises, and the first American exploration university erected in the 21st century.

UC Merced has four premises located throughout the state. Its main lot is located in Merced, California, and consists of roughly acres (57 ha). Other campuses are located in Sacramento (Sacramento), San Francisco (San Francisco), Davis (Davis), Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara), and Irvine (Irvine). UC Merced has further than scholars enrolled annually and offers over 300 undergraduate degree programs. *

The UC Merced community fosters academic excellence while furnishing scholars with an inclusive terrain that encourages invention, discovery, and creativity. *

UC Merced is committed to furnishing an excellent pupil experience, getting a destination lot for scholars from throughout California and around the world, and graduate leaders who’ll transfigure their communities and our world for the better.

Literacy/scholarships are available to new UC Merced newcomers who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and leadership eventuality. They’re awarded on a competitive base grounded on a combination of academic performance in high academy, medication for council- position work, extracurricular conditioning, particular statement (and recommendation letters if submitted), and overall eventuality for success at UC Merced.

UC Merced Admission Information

Application PortalUniversity Application
Application Fee* (non-refundable)*Undergraduate- 80 USD
*Graduate- 140 USD
Acceptance Rate74%
Average ACT Score24
Number of Students8000
Academic CalendarSemester based
Intake SeasonsFall and Spring

UC Merced Admission Deadlines

Table showing UC Merced application period and deadlines for admission.

Fall*Nov. 1-30
Spring*Jul. 1- August 31
Fall*Jan. 15
Spring*Oct. 1

University Of California Merced International Student Admissions demands

All the academic records/ transcripts from the preliminarily attended institution (s)

  • Pukka by the institution’s office register.
  • Transferred directly from the issuing institution in a stamped and sealed envelope.
  • Official reiterations innon-English must be accompanied by a pukka English restatement.
  • Campaigners must have a minimum of3.4 Gpa in the last two times of their former program.
  • GRE/ GMAT test scores as per program conditions.
  • Evidence of English proficiency fornon-native English speakers.
  • 3 Letters of recommendation ate obligatory for graduate admissions.
  • An streamlined capsule conforming of professional experience and educational qualifications.
  • Letter of Intent or Statement of purpose which highlights an aspirant’s career ideal and unborn pretensions.
  • Departmental conditions In addition to the general admission conditions, some departments bear a separate departmental operation, portfolio, investigation, or interview.

UC Merced Visa Process for International Students

International aspirants will be issued Form I-20 from the university.

Aspirants will need to give the following documents to admit the Form I-20

  • Copy of passport
  • Evidence of fiscal support
  • Bank statement
  • Guarantor Letter, if applicable
  • Complete the I-20 and pay the SEVIS I-901 also need to apply for the F-1 or J-1 visa. Submit the form and pay the operation figure.
  • Schedule and attend the visa interview

University Of California Merced Undergraduate Admissions

  • High academy parchment/ paraphrase/transcript
  • SAT/ ACT scores
  • Evidence of occupancy
  • Guidance counselor’s recommendation
  • English proficiency test score for an transnational aspirant
  • Secondary academy instrument of completion
  • GPA of3.4 or above
  • Completion of 15 time-long academic courses with a3.4 GPA
  • 2 times of history (in place ofU.S. history, history of your country)
  • times of composition and literature in the language in which you’re instructed
  • 3 times (four times recommended) of council-introductory mathematics that includes the motifs covered in abecedarian and advanced algebra and two-and three-dimensional figure.
  • 2 times of integrated wisdom or 2 times of laboratory wisdom (biology, chemistry, and/ or Phy.)
  • Times of a alternate language
  • time long course (or 2 semesters) of visual and performing trades
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University Of California Merced Graduate Admissions

  • The University of California Merced offers courses in Applied Mathematics, Bioengineering, Chemistry, Economics, Physics, Public Health, and Sociology.
  • The operation figure is 140 USD. And below are the academic conditions to gain admission into the academy
  • Fellow Undergraduate degree
  • 3.0 GPA and above
  • GMAT/ GRE Test Scores
  • All the Graduate courses bear general GRE scores except **physics which bear subject-specific score too.
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • 1 Statement of Purpose
  • Particular History Achievements/ Donation.

UC Merced official Website: https://www.ucmerced.edu

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