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UnitedHealthcare Insurance Review | Plans & How to Apply

UnitedHealthcare Insurance, UnitedHealthcare Insurance Plans and options, UnitedHealthcare Individual health insurance, UHC Medicare Advantage, UnitedHealthcare Short-term health insurance, UnitedHealthcare Business health insurance…See more details below;
UnitedHealthcare Insurance

Dental, vision, and health items are among the many that are offered, though availability in some states can be constrained.

  • App integration with medical card
  • Quality on-demand customer service
  • Diversified product lines

UnitedHealthcare’s (UHC) individual health insurance policies are more expensive than the national average; nevertheless, these plans frequently provide extra benefits and access to wellness programs.

Additionally, a lot of customers have given UHC positive reviews because of its helpful customer service team and smartphone app that offers in-depth health analysis.

In terms of total policyholders, UHC is the largest health insurance provider. The broad range of goods the provider provides, which includes health, dental, vision, and disability insurance, serves as an illustration of this.

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UnitedHealthcare Insurance Plans and options

Among the many items that UnitedHealthcare offers are the following:

Individual health insurance

  • Medicaid
  • Medicare and Medicare Advantage
  • Short-term health insurance
  • Small-business health insurance
  • Dental

Even though UHC offers all of options, not every plan might be offered in the state where you reside. When comparing policies state by state, some may have distinct specifics and expenses. Therefore, before selecting to buy a policy that is particular to your state, we advise thoroughly examining it.

UnitedHealthcare Individual health insurance

If you do not presently receive health care through an employer or Medicaid, UnitedHealthcare offers individual health insurance plans that can be purchased on your state’s health insurance marketplace.

Five distinct coverage tiers are available from UnitedHealthcare:

  • Catastrophic
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

You can only purchase a UnitedHealthcare individual plan during open enrollment or if you qualify for a special enrollment period (SEP) exception because these policies are only available on health insurance exchanges.  When compared to some rivals’ plans, as shown in the graph above, UHC’s individual health insurance policies are not the most affordable alternative. For instance, the average monthly individual premium for Fidelis Care in New York is $568, or 47% less than the average monthly premium for UnitedHealthcare, which is $1,078.

When selecting your health insurance plan, price is a crucial factor to take into account. But you should also consider the extra advantages that every health insurance company provides. For instance, policyholders of UnitedHealthcare have access to wellness programs, which we analyze in greater detail in our assessment.

You can see a breakdown of each plan tier below.

The monthly premium, deductible, and out-of-pocket limit are often the three key variations between these plans (OOPM). However, the specifics of the policy, such as copay and coinsurance levels, may vary depending on the state in which you reside.

(All policy information in the table is for plans that can be found on the New York state health insurance marketplace for the purposes of this review. Every policy’s premium is a monthly expense.)

Plan nameAverage individual premiumDeductibleOut-of-pocket maximum
UHC Compass Catastrophic$483$8,150$8,150
UHC Compass Bronze$849$4,425$8,150
UHC Compass Silver$1,057$1,300$7,900
UHC Compass Gold$1,329$600$4,000
UHC Compass Platinum$1,618$0$2,000

UHC Medicare Advantage

UnitedHealthcare provides Medicare Advantage plans via AARP. This indicates that, despite the fact that UHC is offering the coverage, AARP actually underwrites the Medicare Advantage plan.

You can purchase a variety of Medicare plans, such as:

    Medicare Advantage (Part C)

    Medicare Supplement plans (Part A, B, G, K, L, N, C and F)

    Medicare prescription drug plans (Part D)

Although these are all policies offered by UHC, they may not all be available in your state since individual state regulations will vary.

UnitedHealthcare Short-term health insurance

Short-term health insurance plans from UnitedHealthcare are less expensive than individual health insurance, but they only offer the most basic coverage.

Furthermore, unlike individual plans, a short-term policy can be purchased at any time of the year outside of open enrollment. Value, Value Copay, and Plus are the three types of short-term health insurance plans offered by UHC. The premium, coinsurance, and cost of a doctor’s visit will be the key distinctions between these levels.

For instance, the Plus plan, which is the most expensive, has the best after-deductible coinsurance at 20%. If you are young and healthy and only require the bare minimum of coverage, a short-term health insurance policy could be useful, but you shouldn’t get one of these if you have children.

UnitedHealthcare Business health insurance

UnitedHealthcare provides small-business health insurance and employer plans for organizations with anywhere between two and over 5,000 employees. These are typically all-inclusive plans, which means that firm employees may be given access to medical, dental, health, disability, and life insurance.

However, UnitedHealthcare also gives business owners the freedom to select the insurance they wish to provide to their staff. For instance, a small-business owner could decide to purchase their disability insurance from a different company while offering a health and dental plan through UHC.

Member resources and benefits

By offering extra advantages and special incentives, promoting healthy living among its clients, and granting access to the UHC mobile app, UnitedHealthcare sets itself apart from other insurance providers.

UHC programs

Members of the UHC Baby Blocks program receive rewards for taking their infant to the doctor. Enrollment for pregnant women and children up to 15 months old only requires confirming membership and responding to a few straightforward health questions.

Gift cards, baby supplies, toys, books, or kid safety equipment are some common rewards that participants may receive for signing up.

MyEasyBook, another service available to UHC members, allows policyholders to schedule a doctor’s appointment whenever it’s convenient for them.

Mobile UHC app

The health insurance company allows its customers to download the UnitedHealthcare app. This smartphone app offers a number of features, some of which are:

  • Find in-network care options in your area
  • Talk to a doctor by video
  • See doctor reviews and ratings
  • View your health plan ID card
  • Manage prescriptions
  • View claims and account balances
  • View copays, annual deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses
  • Estimate procedure costs

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