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USA Visa Lottery | Types of USA Visa, Requirements & How to Apply

USA Visa Lottery: This article will give insight on the USA Visa, American Visa Lottery, its Requirements & How to Apply for it.

USA Visa Lottery

USA Visa Lottery: There is a lot of reasons why you should travel to the United States. You can travel just to tour the cities in the country, for educational purposes, or for many other reasons, but you will require a USA Visa to do this conveniently.

What is a VISA? A Visa is an official permit that helps you enter a foreign country and stay permanently or for a given/specific period of time depending on your plans.

The United States of America offers different classes and subclasses of Visas with strict process of Visa issuance. The majority of the Visa applications to the USA are non-immigrant Visa applications which allow Indians to visit the USA and stay there for a programmed period of time. When it comes to apply for an Immigrant Visa that allows foreign citizens settle permanently in the USA, the country issues limited number of Visas.

Types of USA Visas

There are different types of US Visa offered to foreign citizens. They are mainly categorized as Immigrant Visa and Non-Immigrant Visa.

Immigrant Visa: This is given to Indian citizens who wish to stay permanently in the USA. The country issues a limited number of immigrant Visas to foreign citizens.

Non-Immigrant Visa: This is issued to foreign citizens who wish to visit the USA for specific period of time. There are different types of Non-immigrant Visas that are issued based on the purpose and duration of your travel in the US.

Check below to see the diverse types of non-immigrant Visas issued by the United States.

  1. Business Visa
  2. Employment Visa
  3. Tourism Visa
  4. Medical treatment Visa
  5. Education Visa

USA issues over 20 subclasses of non-immigrant Visas to foreigners visiting the country for short term stays.

The subclass visas include:

  • Religious worker Visa
  • Domestic employee Visa
  • Exchange visitor Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Ship crew or Transit Visa
  • Work Visa (including H1B, H2A, H2B, LI, H4 etc.)
  • Media and journalist Visa.

Documents Required For US Visa Application/ Interview

On application for the USA Visa, the following underlisted documents will be needed:

  • Passport valid for six months beyond the intended date of entry into the United States.
  • Colored photographs.
  • Marriage Certificate, if applicable.
  • Evidence of financial properties.
  • Divorce/death certificate of spouse, if applicable
  • In case of family-based cases or dependent Visa, all original documents establishing the relationship between the petitioner and the applicant need to be submitted.
  • In case of a work Visa, a letter from the prospective employer confirming the essential elements of the job offer needs to be submitted.
  • Police Clearance Certificate.
  • Certificate of birth.
  • Court records, if applicable.
  • Military records, if any.

Eligibility Criteria for US Visa

The following eligibility conditions is required of a foreigner to get a USA Visa;

  1. A valid passport for at least a period of 6 months.
  2. No history of crimes or should not have any criminal case ongoing cases against them.
  3. Dependents/ spouses travelling with the applicant should apply for separate Visas.
  4. The applicant should have enough financial capability to support himself.
  5. The applicant should be sound & healthy with medical test by an approved physician.
  6. The applicant should have strong ties with his/her current country of residence.
  7. Have a valid reason for travelling to the United States.
  8. Should be devoid of any communicable disease like tuberculosis.

Steps to Follow Before You Apply For A US Visa:

An applicant needs to go through the following steps to obtain a Visa to the USA:

  • Select the type of Visa you are applying for
  • Check your eligibility.
  • Fill the online application form by putting all required information
  • Appear for the Visa interview with all required documents at a select embassy.

How to Applying for A US Visa

There are two basic ways to apply for a USA Visa; Online application and Offline application. When you use the online method of application, you can submit all your documents and the filled application form electronically. But, when you apply manually or use the offline method of Visa application, you need to collect/download the Visa application form, fill it and send it to any of the US Embassy office located in your country.

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Procedure for Applying for Immigrant Visa – How to Apply for Immigrant Visa

  • A US Visa applicant needs to go through the following procedure while applying for an immigrant Visa
  • You need to have a police clearance certificate issued by the Regional Passport Office. It remains valid for one year.
  • You should have a sound health and complete the medical examination test conducted approved medical doctors.
  • Then, proceed to complete the DS-260 Form with your Invoice ID number and Beneficiary ID number.

  USA Visa fees

  • Once you are done with the DS-260 form, you can book your appointment for Visa interview.

Non-Immigrant USA Visa Application Procedure

Check below to see the USA Visa application procedure for non- immigrant:

  1. Firstly, select your Visa type. Based on the purpose of your travel, you need to choose your Visa category.
  2. Next, complete the Visa application form DS-160 carefully. Make sure all your details are entered correctly. Because, once you submit the form, you cannot make any change.
  3. Pay the fees applicable on your Visa type. You can pay it through NEFT, Mobile Payment and Cash.
  4. Now, you can schedule your Visa interview with the US Embassy. You need to schedule two interviews- one for Visa Application Centre and the other one for interview at the US Embassy.

Documents For US Visa Interview

Applying for an Immigrant Visa, requires the following documents for your Visa interview:

For Immigrant Visa application:

  • DS-260 confirmation page stamped at the Visa Application Centre
  • Current and all old passports,
  • Police Clearance Certificate issued by the Regional Passport Office.
  • Medical examination report
  • Supporting Documents as per your Visa type
  • For non-immigrant Visa application:
  • Copy of your appointment confirmation letter.
  • DS-160 confirmation page stamped at the Visa Application Centre.
  • Current and all old passports
  • Supporting documents required for your Visa type.

How to Pay US Visa Fees

USA Visa fees can be paid online by using NEFT, Mobile Payment and Cash.

It is a non-refundable payment once paid. Individuals having diplomatic passports are exempted from paying Visa fees, irrespective of the purpose of travel and Visa type. Besides, the official passport holders are also not charged for official Visas. However, they need to appear for Visa interview at the US Embassy on any working day between 11am to 12pm.

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